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Daily perceptions

It’s a new year. The month of January is almost over and we are about to jump into the second month of the year. Prior to January 31st, I carefully and patiently pondered over this month’s blog post and suddenly thought about a lived experience.

The experience am referring to is the development of resentment and hatred due to misjudgment.

Human beings need to stop preconceived judgement and hatred! As I pondered over this statement, the following questions ran through my mind:

1) How often do we judge people based on what others have said?

2) Why do we use the information gathered from external sources as basis for our judgement and perception of others?

3) How many times have we fallen short in our attitude and interaction with others due to false or negative information received?

4) How often do we back track and say no to gossip or false information?

5) Have we realized that the more we listen to what people have to say about others, the more we develop a feeling of resentment towards those people?

6) Have you made a conscious decision to stop judging others based on what you hear?

As a result, it will be better to get to know people before Judging or negatively perceiving them.

I welcome you to join me in this quest for change and transformation. By changing our associations, we change our perception of others, we change the way we interact and the way we react.

Let’s pursue this with a passion and develop love for all mankind in lieu of resentment, doubt and hatred.

Happy new month!


Oh Life!

I woke up and decided to be better.
But the tears kept making me bitter.

Several days passed and my heart began to yonder.
Friends and family members began to wonder.

I was experiencing distress.
I had become purposeless.

Afterwards I decided to change my perspective.
This change led me to become positive.

I grew to become my original.
I developed and became jovial.

The full package led me to find love.
Then I began to experience truelove.

A love that nutures the passion.
A love that fosters the vision.

Indeed LOVE is beautiful!



Have a blessed week 🙂

Happy Father’s Day

Let me begin by wishing a happy Father’s Day to all the men. A father isn’t only the biological one, but very often all male figureheads in our lives.

It’s good to be called a father, but the level of implication and involvement in people’s lives determines ones ability to be called ‘Dad’. So fathers the questions to ask yourselves today are:

How involved am I in my children’s lives?
Am I emotionally present for them?
Am I financially present?
Am I physically present?
Am I spiritually present?

As fathers, you are called to lead the family. Lead your children, families and wives in the right direction.

I can’t conclude without expressing my thoughts to future fathers.

To all the young men and aspiring fathers let me ask you a few questions:
How are you living your lives?
Are you living life just as it comes? Or
Are you living live with the hopes of influencing future generations?

I would like you to ask yourselves these questions:
If I had a child today, would my child be proud of the life I live?
How would my choice of lifestyle influence my child?

As you reflect on these questions, may this day cause you to think differently about your future.

Therefore, go forth and shine your light brighter than before. Your future needs to be better than your past and present.



Have a blessed week!

Yielding #AtoZChallenge

Yielding is tending to give in or surrender or agree. By default it’s hard to agree with people who are inferior to us or who have ideas inferior to ours.

As an example, most people think I have a hard time yielding to others in the midst of a conversation or conflict.
Today, I got told by a friend that I would likely have a hard time yielding and submitting to my future husband because of my authoritative and independent nature. Yes, I have been independent for quite a number of years mainly because life thought me to be so due to my solitary move to Canada, but you know what: I still respect authority.

It’s currently a learning process for me as I yield to others during a conversation or conflict. I am learning to be submissive to authority and trust other peoples’ judgement. It hasn’t been an easy process but I learn as I grow.

I have also learned that yielding isn’t a sign of weakness but rather a sign of respect, obedience and non confrontation. It’s often better to avoid an argument through yielding and establishing peace.

Conflict brings about resentment and discontent, whereas yielding brings about peace, calmness and submission.

I know it’s easier said than done, especially when we feel overwhelmed and right in a specific situation.

I encourage you to often practice yielding to others in the midst of conflict.


Till next time

Xenophobia #AtoZChallenge

imageAlthough I am a day late, I will still write about it. It has been challenging to get a word with letter X, mainly because I rarely use this letter in words and sentences. At the beginning of the challenge, I had thought about using xenophobia as my X word, but until last night I was still not inspired to write about it.

However, after seriously thinking about it, I decided to use Xenophobia as my X Word. According to Wikipedia, “Xenophobia is the fear of that which is perceived to be foreign or strange. Xenophobia can manifest itself in many ways such as hatred, fear, anguish and bitterness”.

Whenever I think about the word xenophobia, I am tempted to remember South Africa. It’s not that I have lived in South Africa, but inclined to think based on the stories and news articles.

Xenophobia has a negative connotation, hence negative impact and influence. It’s important for us as individuals to combat xenophobia and live at peace with everyone. We are all born with a different skin tone for specific reasons, hence the importance of understanding our differences. Difference brings about diversity, hence growth, increase, development and wisdom.

Go forth and live with differences. Accept and recognize that although we are all different we can live together.
Till next time!

Oppression #AtoZChallenge

How do you deal with oppression?

Very often we get oppressed by others without any valid reason, but rather due to envy, jealousy, hatred or any other factor influencing negative behavior.

Oppression occurs in different forms such as neglect, rejection, abuse etc…

Over the years, I have learned that oppression comes to destroy us, and it usually occurs when every thing seems to be working well for the person being oppressed. For instance, I was once oppressed in a work environment. I thought all was going well with my colleagues and managers, until I began experiencing oppression. A situation that was supposed to generate positive results; ended up being negative. The oppression was caused by some specific individuals.

I later on evaluated the situation and concluded that not everyone likes/loves us in today’s world. Therefore, we have to be ready to face oppression when it occurs.

All the time, people oppress us with the intention of breaking us, but often fail to understand that no situation is permanent. Oppression doesn’t last forever.

I trust in God and believe that everything works together for my good. What other people and the devil intend as harm, will end up making me stronger, wiser and better.

Given that the devil only comes to Kill, steal and destroy, I rely daily on Jesus Christ who always causes me to triumph over every situation.

One of favorite Gospel artist: Marvin Sapp’s song entitled ‘Never would have made it‘ always encourages me to know that no matter what God is with us.

Go forth and be stronger, wiser and better than before.

Till next time,

Key(s) AtoZChallenge

Keys are known to unlock and lock every door, closet, bag etc .. Hence the need to identify the right keys.

Take some time to think about the following:
– who holds the key(s) to your life?
– who have you given the keys to?
– what are the qualities of the people to whom you have given access to your life?

Some people often say ‘show me your friends and I will tell you who you are’. The saying is very true because, we are influenced by those we surround ourselves with. Therefore, an individual is easily identified by his surrounding and daily encounters.

The people who have access to your life will either make you or break you.

We have to exercise caution in choosing the people we give access to in our lives. By access I mean those who talk to us on a regular basis. These people have the keys to our lives and hearts. Their words are powerful and affect us in all we do.

After having friends who come and go, I am no longer afraid to loose people who don’t add value to my life. Some people are just around us to waste our time.

For instance in my life, I don’t need people who will waste my time, but rather those who build me up. The people who are ready to support and stand by me no matter the circumstances.

It’s time for us to get rid of all the negativity in our lives. We need people who will say to us ‘Yes you can’, and in turn be of great assistance to those people as well.

Our support system should deposit good seeds into us. They have the keys to make or break us.

Be blessed as you examine the people you have in your life.