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Trends #AtoZChallenge

Given that I am considered as an expressive person, I often tend to reflect about life. As a result, I ponder over random things such as clothing, fashion, spirituality etc.

Lately, I have been thinking about how we live our lives, and the question below popped in my head.

Do we randomly follow trends or do we evaluate and measure the weight of societal trends and people’s influence prior to doing certain things?

By trend, I am referring to things such as fashion, lifestyle, finance, spirituality or any other aspect of our lives.

Very often, individuals of my age group are influenced by global trends. Some of us just follow the trends without any prior knowledge or research.
Therefore, how often do we take the time to evaluate and measure the density of the trends we constantly follow?

It’s good to follow positive trends, as long we acquire knowledge and wisdom. However, it’s bad to follow trends just based on society and its daily pressure. We need to check and ask ourselves where the pressure is coming from. Is the pressure coming from friends, acquaintances, family or the media? If it’s the case of friends, we have to reconsider who we associate with. As the popular saying goes: an individual is easily recognized by his/ her group of association. We therefore need to check our surroundings.

Also, trends could be good but shouldn’t cause us as individuals to be enslaved. I use this term enslave, because some youths and adults are bound by fashion trends, to the point where some people become indebted. It’s understandable to follow trends when you can afford it but, it should be hindered when priorities shift.

There is an added bonus of not following trends. You get to be-you-you-full and free.

Tell me, what do you frequently do: follow trends or remain unique?

Have a blessed week!


How rich are you ?

As part of the Blog like a Pro 7-day Challenge launched by Jeff Goins, I got inspired to write this post following a discussion with friends about riches.

Everyone thinks money is good, but I think the rich have more problems than the poor (instead of poor, I prefer using the term less rich).

To begin with, how do we define riches? Is it based on the material possessions, money in the bank account or an individual’s self worth?

We are all rich in one way or the other.

Once people get rich, they always aspire to be richer. Money keeps attracting money, hence the love of money. For the rich, the more they have, the more they will spend. Hence, an increase in their needs and wants. Why be rich without appropriate management skills? They will spend on useless and unnecessary things such as private jet. Who needs a private jet when there are millions of children and orphans who are dying of hunger and malnutrition?

The less rich on the other hand, tend to be contended with what they have. By being content; I mean that they are able to live a balanced life with what they have. These individuals aspire for more in order to satisfy their needs and not wants.

It’s good to note that, money isn’t equivalent to joy, happiness personal satisfaction and self worth. All these are just feelings and life experiences. We have to consciously make up our minds to not let money/the depth of our wallets determine our self-worth.

We came to this world without money and we shall depart with no money either.

Rich people’s problems revolve around increased security, increased income maximisation and improved lifestyle. It’s good to improve one’s lifestyle, but that shouldn’t be the ultimate reason why we wake up every morning.

Statistics have proven that rich people die quicker than the less rich. For instance, how many celebrities have died recently?

Some rich people think that because they are rich they have to be loved by everyone and are deserving of certain positions, titles and societal recognition. That’s a fallacy I think.

I always ask myself this question: Why be rich and unfulfilled?
Some of us are constantly chasing money, but live unfulfilled lives.

Our riches shouldn’t be in material possessions but in Christ Jesus. How well we are connected to HIM and how much we share the love of Christ. What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul? Mark 8:36. Can your giving be compared to your riches?

From dust we came and unto dust we shall return, so where do your riches lie?


Till next time!