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Submission #AtoZChallenge

Here we are on day 19th of the challenge. We are still alive and surviving.

Submission could be both good or bad, and its often very hard.

Its easy to submit to people who appreciate us, but the reverse isn’t true.

Over the years, I have learned that submission is important for growth. Submission often leads to growth. By growth, I am referring to expansion in every aspect of our lives.

Also, how free are we in the midst of submission?
Why do we flee submission in the name of looking for freedom?

By submission here; my reference is obedience, respect and reverence towards all those who are superior and have authority over us. We are called to submit to them in order to receive the blessings they have to bestow upon us. Therefore, non-submission makes us live in disobedience. The disobedience might lead to lack of blessings.
Submission brings about blessings, growth, knowledge and expansion.

However, what do you do when you realise that you are more gifted than the people who control you?
Can you still submit yourself even when you are the one who produces and knows best? At this point, there is need for a shift. A shift in mentality, perception and understanding of life. We have to consciously decide to still accept authority and submit to them. We have to recognize that submission is only for a set period in time. Therefore, it won’t last forever.

We have to recognize that not everyone is going to understand us because we are different. The difference in us will cause us to shine and rise in the midst of our submission.

Sarah Jakes once stated that there is development that comes when we allow ourselves to be guided. Submission isn’t always bad. The restriction is only temporary as we go through life. In order to shine, we are called to submit to others. Sarah Jakes stated that the struggle comes before the success story.

Therefore how would your story be written? What is your struggle? And how submissive are you?

Till next time!


The power of silence

It could either make or break you

Silence has taught me to be calm in the midst of the storm
Silence has enabled me to rethink about my norm

Silence has made me loose relationships
Silence has ended friendships

Silence could be deadly
Silence could be healthy

You have enhanced my vision
You have strategized my motion

You have given me wisdom
You have enhanced my freedom

You have enlarged my eye sight
You have given me more insight

Silence may you be experienced when the time is right.

So tell me, what has silence thought you?

Until next time!!



The change is NOW

On Feb 11th Cameroonians across the globe will be celebrating Cameroon’s National youth day. As the day approaches I can’t help but ponder over my life.

As a youth, what am I doing to effect change?
I constantly think of possible strategies to bring about change in our society.

As a young Cameroonian who moved to Canada over 8 years ago, I still struggle daily with the notion of change, as well as my impact in today’s beautiful (but not so beautiful anymore due to war) world of ours. By looking at myself as a victor not a victim, I have decided to encourage myself and everyone else around me to make the most out of every situation. Although I currently reside in Canada, my heart constantly yearns to partake in Africa’s (Cameroon in particular) wave of change. We, the youths often console ourselves by saying “we are the hope / leaders of tomorrow”, forgetting that we are living in today’s world. How do we aim to be leaders of tomorrow without willing to be different today? That’s where the problem lies.

google image

google image

As a friend of mine named Ricky recently posted on Facebook: that “Africa is the present and not the future”. I loved and memorized his phrase, mainly because we live in the present and we have to work towards being the change we would love to see (now). Change must start from within. Hence by living in the present we should be working hard to make a difference.

As a result, I am appealing and calling all youths and young adults to change their mindsets and lifestyles, with the goal of working towards the change we will love to see. The change we fight for today will be very much beneficial to us, our children and all future generations.

Till next week!

Passion & Discovery

All individuals are created with unique gifts, talents and skills set, which lead to the discovery of passion, lifestyle, mission and vision. Some of the questions to ask ourselves as a result of our unique gifts and talents include the following:

1) How do I discover my unique gifts, talents and skill sets?  Try different ideas that pick your curiosity. I call this step – “trial and error”. After several trials and error, you will be able to know what and where you are skilled. For instance, if you are curious about photography or videography then you keep trying until you master it.

2) Are my talents, gifts and abilities making me a better individual?  If you aren’t happy and excited while using your talents, gifts and abilities then they are not what you should be focusing your time, mind and energy on.  Therefore, learn to focus your mind and time on what you feel confident and excited about. For instance, I get excited when I hear about an event. Not only because I love attending events, but more when I am requested as host/MC. I enjoy event hosting and feel gifted and trained to do I what I do best. The reason why I always say that event hosting is “my element”.

3) How do I continuously improve and develop my natural abilities?  Endless possibilities exist for improving and developing our talents and abilities. First thing is to find a mentor (someone who has similar gifts and talents and has been utilizing them for years), and also register for some training, courses etc.

4) How can I use my talents to impact society and other people’s lives?  I would say that we have gifts, talents and abilities to bless people and help others grow. So everyone needs to find ways to bless others around them. For instance I use my talents to help organize and entertain peoples at events; which bring joy, laughter and memories of a lifetime.

5) What is the vision for my gifts, talents and abilities? This is a question I asked myself after hosting events for over 2 years and not obtaining the desired results. I realised at that moment that something needed to be done differently in order to move to my next level. One strategy is to find the right people to work with; the people who will uplift you rather than downgrade you. Also, work hard and find strategies to brand yourself and distinguish yourself from your competitors.

I hope that my little thought pushes you to your next level …

Discover, innovate and run with the vision!!!!


Till next week..