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The wait!

It’s long;
It’s strong;

It’s often tiring;
It’s often enduring;

The wait makes us anxious;
The wait becomes thunderous;

I am currently waiting and it’s tough;
The road very much appears rough;

But I choose to remain hopeful;
Thereby becoming prayerful!



Daily perceptions

It’s a new year. The month of January is almost over and we are about to jump into the second month of the year. Prior to January 31st, I carefully and patiently pondered over this month’s blog post and suddenly thought about a lived experience.

The experience am referring to is the development of resentment and hatred due to misjudgment.

Human beings need to stop preconceived judgement and hatred! As I pondered over this statement, the following questions ran through my mind:

1) How often do we judge people based on what others have said?

2) Why do we use the information gathered from external sources as basis for our judgement and perception of others?

3) How many times have we fallen short in our attitude and interaction with others due to false or negative information received?

4) How often do we back track and say no to gossip or false information?

5) Have we realized that the more we listen to what people have to say about others, the more we develop a feeling of resentment towards those people?

6) Have you made a conscious decision to stop judging others based on what you hear?

As a result, it will be better to get to know people before Judging or negatively perceiving them.

I welcome you to join me in this quest for change and transformation. By changing our associations, we change our perception of others, we change the way we interact and the way we react.

Let’s pursue this with a passion and develop love for all mankind in lieu of resentment, doubt and hatred.

Happy new month!

I love you

We fight;
We argue;
We keep quiet;
We become intentional;
We make peace;
We make it work.

We fight;
We practice silence;
We groan;
We grow;
We decide to talk;
We make it work.

We fight;
We distance ourselves;
We slip;
We remember;
We dream;
We make it work.

We fight;
We disappear;
We cry;
We yearn;
We celebrate;
We make it work.

I will make it work for you
I love you!!!

Have a great week!

No to PHD

On May 20th 2016, all Cameroonians across the globe celebrated Cameroon’s National Unity, and I can’t help but reflect on the word UNITY.

I am appealing all Cameroonians to be united. Unity shouldn’t just be spoken but acted upon. It’s time for us to get pass the spoken words and take action.

I always question human nature when people are aware of what others are doing, but never fully show support. For instance, if my brother or friend starts a business, launches a product or service, I ought to be the first to support them. It should be our duty and responsibility as friends and family to support each other.

Human beings in general, and Cameroonians in particular need to abandon the PHD spirit we often possess. By PHD I am referring to ‘Pulling Him/Her down’. I consider it to be a very negative practice which ought to be abolished ASAP. Rather than being jealous, critical and envious, we ought to rejoice and celebrate with those who are creative and entrepreneurial.

I am a firm believer that there is space for everyone at the top but at distinct intervals. Most people want to quickly climb the ladder of success, but remember that you don’t have to pull others down to succeed.

I therefore urge every individual to actively support and help build others.

Life will be so much better if we appreciate each other. Once we appreciate, love, peace, joy and harmony will Blossom.
Have a blessed week.

The lifestyle of Giving

When you are reminded about giving two days in a role, then you know that giving has to become a lifestyle.
I attended a fundraiser on Saturday and a church service on Sunday in the course of which ‘giving’ was the focal point.

It’s important for us to give to others. What we have freely received, we should also be prone to freely give.

How often do we think about our lives?
Do we deserve what we have freely received?
If not for Gods grace upon our lives where would we be?

It’s therefore important for us to recognize that we don’t have to take our blessings and opportunities for granted. Gratefulness is important.

By being grateful we appreciate life and the blessings that come along.

We are blessed to be a blessing to others. Yesterday as I emceed a fundraising gala, I was moved by the generosity in the room. People willingly gave to support a good cause. Giving without regrets, but for the common goal of improving lives.

I urge you to give freely without any constraint. The Bible tells us in Acts 20:35 that “There is more blessing to give than to receive” so be blessed as you give to others.

As of today, I make ‘giving’ my lifestyle.

Have a blessed week!

Joy #AtoZChallenge

I often ask myself what joy is? As I pondered over it, I realised that joy is linked to Happiness.

Being Joyful is a state of mind, which could be contagious.

Let’s look at it, how often do we share our joy with others?

Happiness is sharing. Its better lived when shared. The Bible tells us in Romans 12:15 that “When others are happy, we should be happy with them, and when others are sad, we should be sad with them”.

Over the years, I noticed that the way we react when other people tell us about their lives determines the conditions of our hearts towards them. Our perception of them will either change or remain stagnant.

When we hear good things about others’ lives; do we usually rejoice or remain indifferent? Do we pretend to be happy or are we genuinely happy for them?

I always tell all people I meet that there is no need for us to be pretentious. Being joyful is a choice . It’s also a decision to rejoice with others in good times.

It’s our role as wise individuals to combat hypocrisy by being people who truly rejoice and celebrate with others.

There is no need to compare ourselves to others, because our paths and life stories are different and unique.

I therefore urge you all to genuinely be happy and rejoice with everyone around us in order to share the LOVE of CHRIST.

Be blessed!

Hope #AtoZChallenge

I turn around and hear about wars.
I turn around and hear about pain.
I turn around and hear about sickness.
I turn around and see suffering.
I turn around and see hunger.

How often do we lend a helping hand to those in need?

Over the years, I have learned that by lending a helping hand we help restore hope to others.

By restoring hope, we display love and bring forth an increased desire to live.

We are blessed to be a blessing to others. Therefore, we ought to share what we have in order to help those in need. By helping those in need we display the love of Christ. The love of Christ is what we all need. This love needs to be shared in order for us to live better lives. The Bible tells us in Mark 12:31 “to love our neigbour as ourselves”.

Therefore, its our duty as human beings to demonstrate the love of God and restore hope, joy, love and peace in other peoples’ lives.

Be blessed!

Till next time