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Women you are special

As we celebrate International women’s day today , I can’t help but applaud you for all you do.

Grand mothers; I thank you for your words of wisdom
Thank you for the life experiences you have shared with me
I pray I live as long as you guys
Thank you for raising up my parents and enabling me to be born.

My lovely Mother; I thank you for giving birth to me and raising me as your precious jewel
You love and discipline me as your only treasure
You teach me the importance of prayer and faith in God.

Aunties; you raised me and changed my diapers
You loved me and showered me with gifts
You showed me how to be a woman
You cared for me and taught me about life.

Sisters; you have been there since day one
We have argued and reported each other to our parents
As my older sisters I respect and look up to you
Yes there is an unbreakable bond between us and I pray we keep it tighter as we grow older.

Friends; thank you for being my sisters
Thank you for allowing me to sleepover at your homes
Thank you for laughing with me
Thank you for supporting me
Thank you arguing with me, I still love you all.

Co-workers; thank you for showing me diversity
You have taught me to fight for what I want
You have showed me who people really are
You have enabled me to grow and learn about the work environment.

I thank you all
I love and respect you all
Keep doing the good work you do.

We are powerful so let’s keep our heads up and keep running this beautiful race called ‘life’.

Happy Women’s day!!!

Till next time


Birthday week

Did you read my previous post?
Then you will know that my birthday was coming up. I turned 26 on February 22. Yes I am a year older and loving it already.

Although about two weeks ago I wasn’t sure of what to do to celebrate my birthday, I ended up going for dinner with my girlfriends on my birthday. OMG we had such a good time that they almost chased us out of the restaurant (You get what I mean) LOL. These ladies are indeed a great blessing to my life.
As a special birthday gift, the Lord blessed me with an opened door on my birthday. Yes am very grateful for my birthday gift from Heaven. You know when you have sought and prayed so much about something and you get to the point where you just decide to ‘Let go and let God have HIS way’, then the miracle happens. The wait isn’t always easy but with time I have learned to trust HIM.
I am positive that this new year will be greater than the past 25 years. To conclude my birthday week, a longtime friend of mine took me out for dinner on Friday and we had a great talk about life and the future. I am now ready for new challenges and blessings. Let’s go get it.

A friend of mine sent me this song entitled: Intentional by Travis Greene as a reminder that God has a perfect plan for our lives. It has blessed me so much, so enjoy and be blessed.

Ps: Thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes. May God richly bless you all.

Till next week!!