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It’s a new year!

If in 2017, our paths crossed, our paths diverged, or our paths merged, I am grateful.

It was a pleasure knowing you all in 2017 and I look forward to knowing you better in 2018.

For all those who supported me, my dreams, my family and my future I appreciate you. Our God will not forget your labour of love.

For all who believed, believe and will believe in my passion, mission and vision, I say thank you. You are the real MVPs.

I know and believe that this new year will be my (our) greatest and best year thus far, so let’s stay focus and true to ourselves, true to our beliefs, mission, passion and vision.

Stay blessed and keep soaring high. The sky isn’t the limit, so don’t let your thoughts limit you.

Cheers to increased success, love, peace, joy, grace, money, health, prosperity and much more ❤️!
Happy new year 2018!
Thank you note


Happy Women’s day

Today is a celebration of Women’s day, so I choose to celebrate you; women today and forever.

I applaud you for your strength;
I applaud you for your growth;
I applaud you for your childbirth;
I applaud you for your faith.

I encourage you to broaden your sight;
I encourage you to stand for your right;
I encourage you to not abandon the fight;
I encourage you to continue in this light.

Go forth and fulfill your mission;
Go forth and broaden your comprehension;
Go forth and enhance your sense of compassion;
Go forth and run with the vision.

Let’s stand together;
Let’s become tender;
Let’s lean on each other;
Let’s trust & become sisters.

May we, all women learn and decide to live fulfilled lives and not be scared to take action. We (you) need to take that leap of faith today.

Be blessed!

Women's strength & empowerment


I love you

We fight;
We argue;
We keep quiet;
We become intentional;
We make peace;
We make it work.

We fight;
We practice silence;
We groan;
We grow;
We decide to talk;
We make it work.

We fight;
We distance ourselves;
We slip;
We remember;
We dream;
We make it work.

We fight;
We disappear;
We cry;
We yearn;
We celebrate;
We make it work.

I will make it work for you
I love you!!!

Have a great week!

In the spirit of INCLUSION

As I write this post, I feel devalued.
As I write this post I feel vulnerable.
As I write this post I feel rejected.

The feeling you have when people think you are stupid.
The feeling you have when people discredit you.
The feeling you have when life gives you a blow.

I might be neglected by some but surely not by all.
I might be worthless for some, but certainly not for my friends.
I might be dumb for some, but definitely not for my family.

Who are we to judge others?
Who are we to stigmatize others?
Who are we to prejudice others?

You don’t know their story.
You don’t know their struggle.
You don’t know their beliefs.

It’s important to understand the differences existing in society.
It’s important to understand the uniqueness of each individual.
It’s important to understand the values we each possess.

Life will be better if we accepted our differences.
Life will be better if we respected the diversity.
Life will be better if we included everyone.


Have a blessed week!

Submission #AtoZChallenge

Here we are on day 19th of the challenge. We are still alive and surviving.

Submission could be both good or bad, and its often very hard.

Its easy to submit to people who appreciate us, but the reverse isn’t true.

Over the years, I have learned that submission is important for growth. Submission often leads to growth. By growth, I am referring to expansion in every aspect of our lives.

Also, how free are we in the midst of submission?
Why do we flee submission in the name of looking for freedom?

By submission here; my reference is obedience, respect and reverence towards all those who are superior and have authority over us. We are called to submit to them in order to receive the blessings they have to bestow upon us. Therefore, non-submission makes us live in disobedience. The disobedience might lead to lack of blessings.
Submission brings about blessings, growth, knowledge and expansion.

However, what do you do when you realise that you are more gifted than the people who control you?
Can you still submit yourself even when you are the one who produces and knows best? At this point, there is need for a shift. A shift in mentality, perception and understanding of life. We have to consciously decide to still accept authority and submit to them. We have to recognize that submission is only for a set period in time. Therefore, it won’t last forever.

We have to recognize that not everyone is going to understand us because we are different. The difference in us will cause us to shine and rise in the midst of our submission.

Sarah Jakes once stated that there is development that comes when we allow ourselves to be guided. Submission isn’t always bad. The restriction is only temporary as we go through life. In order to shine, we are called to submit to others. Sarah Jakes stated that the struggle comes before the success story.

Therefore how would your story be written? What is your struggle? And how submissive are you?

Till next time!

The power of silence

It could either make or break you

Silence has taught me to be calm in the midst of the storm
Silence has enabled me to rethink about my norm

Silence has made me loose relationships
Silence has ended friendships

Silence could be deadly
Silence could be healthy

You have enhanced my vision
You have strategized my motion

You have given me wisdom
You have enhanced my freedom

You have enlarged my eye sight
You have given me more insight

Silence may you be experienced when the time is right.

So tell me, what has silence thought you?

Until next time!!