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Officially 27!

I just turned 27 years old, and I am like wow the number sounds weird to my ears. I have to get used to the fact that am 3 years away from the Big 30. Ahahahaha I can’t wait, but for now let me enjoy this season. You know what though? I am grateful to be alive during this season. Its indeed a season set apart for the Lord to do His mighty works. Who knew I will be alive at such a time like this? Despite all the challenges I faced during the past 26 years, I am grateful to say that they have officially shaped me into the beautiful and strong lady that I am today.

My life took another turn before the end of my 26th year on planet earth. I got married and just like some friends said, yesterday I celebrated my first birthday as a married woman (hahahah). Several people wished me a happy birthday, and yes am glad to say that Hubby (a word that I rarely pronounce-mainly because marriage is still surreal) was the first person to wish me happy birthday. I appreciate everyone’s wishes and blessings. I smiled and indeed had a great day.

I am happy to kick-start my 27th year and continuously pray that God favors me each and every day of my life. I live for Christ, so I aim to do and be a better person. Therefore I ask of you, please don’t hesitate to correct me whenever I misbehave or side-track.

I want to be better, I want you to be better too, I want us to be better, so lets work together to make ourselves better.

I pray that we become each others keeper and seek to continuously flourish together, because there is room for everyone at the TOP.

Stay blessed and Thank you for the wishes.

27 and blessed!


That Vision

I had a vision;
The vision was broken;
The vision has been altered;
The vision is shaking.

I had a vision;
My life’s purpose;
I see it changing;
How do I grasp it?

I had a vision;
My childhood dreams;
The dreams of becoming who I was created to be;
I will work to achieve.

I had a vision;
The discussions with my parents;
The successes and failures;
I will strive to achieve.

I had a vision;
The hope of a family;
The hope of a nation;
To make history.

That vision I will achieve!

Happy Sunday,

Till next week!!

Reflection #AtoZChallenge

It has now been a week since I completed the A to Z blogging challenge. It was indeed a tough and inspiring challenge. I use the word tough because I had to write a new post for 26 days in a role.

My motivation and zeal came from other participants. It was encouraging and challenging to see people contributing and sharing their blogs, knowledge and expertise all
over the world. I learned that knowledge is power and with the right knowledge, we could change the world.

Yes, we should all look forward to changing the world through our experience, community service and public service. For instance, we no longer ought to seek knowledge for our self interest, but rather for the public good. How can we use the knowledge and experience we have to make the world a better place?

The better place will eventually exist. I still believe in Utopia. There is hope because the desire for change lives in each one of us.

Therefore go forth and play your part.

A better place is what we all seek. I therefore call on each one to be part of the change.

Till next time!

Zeal #AtoZChallenge

This is my last post for the 2016 A to Z blogging challenge. Although I am late, I am glad I succeeded in completing the challenge.

My Z word is ‘Zeal’

How zealous are you about your everyday life?

Zeal often refers to great energy or enthusiasm in the pursuit of a cause or an objective.

By talking about zeal, it’s an encouragement to myself. With zeal I am motivated to pursue more. Despite the numerous constraints placed by life, I am able to accomplish most of my dreams and life goals.

We all know that it’s easier said than done, but we have to keep pressing on. In addition to zeal, we need the resources and a network to help us move forward.

For example, I needed zeal to be able to complete this A to Z blogging challenge. It wasn’t easy but I can give myself a pat on the back with ‘I made it’ .

So, What have you been waiting for?

Get some zeal and get going with life.
There will be rough days but the good days tend to exceed the bad ones.

Cheers to being zealous about life.

Till next time as we get back to my regular posting schedulešŸ˜.

Persistence #AtoZChallenge

How often do we persist?

Two options are always available when things don’t align with our expectations. Do we choose to quit or try again?

Well if you know you are motivated, have the resources then its best to try again. A number of successful people were told no and /or failed the first time before succeeding. One of my favourite authors called J. K. Rowling got declined quite a number of times by publishers. It wasn’t until one publisher believed in her. Today she is among the New York times Bestsellers.

Here I am on day 16 of the challenge, still standing and continuously writing. Yes, I decided to join the blogging world because I wanted to perfect my craft and also share my story. My story might be similar to others in certain ways, but we all have a different life story. We were all created for specific purposes on this earth. The book I am pregnant with, will eventually see the light someday, hahaha.

Do you know that no one else will be able to accomplish your mission on this earth.
If you don’t do it, it will be left undone. I know some will say, we are all easily replaceable. Yes I know, but all the lives you are called to touch and impact can’t be done by someone else. Your reason for being born must come to pass.

Therefore, let’s be persistent and live our lives. Live life with the goal of pressing forward. Forward ever and backward never.
Till next time!

Motivation #AtoZChallenge

Often times I look at my life and ask myself: Why do I do some of the things I do.

However, why do I ask myself this question?

Perhaps because I overthink about life or am I just overwhelmed by life circumstances ?

But when I look at my life, I can only tell myself ‘well done’. Well done mainly because it isn’t easy to remain focused on our daily, monthly and yearly projects.

For instance, when I initially came across this AtoZ Blogging challenge, I was immediately captivated and set a reminder on my phone with the plan to accomplish it. This is the first time around and will certainly not be the last time. It’s a challenge and I aim to push myself all the way through.

So far I am enjoying the challenge because it’s pushing me to go above and beyond. I am inspired to write and am constantly perfecting my craft.

Have you ever thought about what motivates you? What keeps you going?

Are you motivated by the end result or the entire process or a project?

On my end, I mostly enjoy the process because I learn as I walk my way through the project at hand.

Motivation is important for success.

Without motivation we would easily loose focus and as a result fail in so many areas.


Till next time,

The change is NOW

On Feb 11th Cameroonians across the globe will be celebrating Cameroon’s National youth day. As the day approaches I can’t help but ponder over my life.

As a youth, what am I doing to effect change?
I constantly think of possible strategies to bring about change in our society.

As a young Cameroonian who moved to Canada over 8 years ago, I still struggle daily with the notion of change, as well as my impact in today’s beautiful (but not so beautiful anymore due to war) world of ours. By looking at myself as a victor not a victim, I have decided to encourage myself and everyone else around me to make the most out of every situation. Although I currently reside in Canada, my heart constantly yearns to partake in Africa’s (Cameroon in particular) wave of change. We, the youths often console ourselves by saying “we are the hope / leaders of tomorrow”, forgetting that we are living in today’s world. How do we aim to be leaders of tomorrow without willing to be different today? That’s where the problem lies.

google image

google image

As a friend of mine named Ricky recently posted on Facebook: that “Africa is the present and not the future”. I loved and memorized his phrase, mainly because we live in the present and we have to work towards being the change we would love to see (now). Change must start from within. Hence by living in the present we should be working hard to make a difference.

As a result, I am appealing and calling all youths and young adults to change their mindsets and lifestyles, with the goal of working towards the change we will love to see. The change we fight for today will be very much beneficial to us, our children and all future generations.

Till next week!