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Trends #AtoZChallenge

Given that I am considered as an expressive person, I often tend to reflect about life. As a result, I ponder over random things such as clothing, fashion, spirituality etc.

Lately, I have been thinking about how we live our lives, and the question below popped in my head.

Do we randomly follow trends or do we evaluate and measure the weight of societal trends and people’s influence prior to doing certain things?

By trend, I am referring to things such as fashion, lifestyle, finance, spirituality or any other aspect of our lives.

Very often, individuals of my age group are influenced by global trends. Some of us just follow the trends without any prior knowledge or research.
Therefore, how often do we take the time to evaluate and measure the density of the trends we constantly follow?

It’s good to follow positive trends, as long we acquire knowledge and wisdom. However, it’s bad to follow trends just based on society and its daily pressure. We need to check and ask ourselves where the pressure is coming from. Is the pressure coming from friends, acquaintances, family or the media? If it’s the case of friends, we have to reconsider who we associate with. As the popular saying goes: an individual is easily recognized by his/ her group of association. We therefore need to check our surroundings.

Also, trends could be good but shouldn’t cause us as individuals to be enslaved. I use this term enslave, because some youths and adults are bound by fashion trends, to the point where some people become indebted. It’s understandable to follow trends when you can afford it but, it should be hindered when priorities shift.

There is an added bonus of not following trends. You get to be-you-you-full and free.

Tell me, what do you frequently do: follow trends or remain unique?

Have a blessed week!