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I woke up in the morning;
Breath fresh air;
Said a prayer;
Took my shower;
Dressed up and left.

I went about my day;
Got to work;
Took my break;
Received a call;
A dear one was gone.

Continued with work;
Made a few calls;
Alerted others;
My life had changed;
She was precious.

She was my name sake;
I remember talking to her 3 weeks earlier;
Little did we both know;
She is now in a better place;
Watching over us all.

I go through the day;
Then night comes;
I sleep and dream about life together;
What the future would have been like;
I wake up and know it was all a dream.

I wake up and I thank God;
It’s a brand new day;
I am alive;
I can breath;
I am grateful.

I am grateful for her life;
I know she will want us to keep living;
I will keep our name shining for us;
She will forever be in my heart;
I miss you.

See you soon!!


Unity #AtoZChallenge

Today is Day 21 of the A-Z blogging challenge, and I feel great. This feeling of greatness is partly because you all. All my faithful readers and commentators.
Thank you for your support and unity. I call it Unity, because of your belief in me. You decided to tag along on my blogging journey.

Blogging is a journey for me, just as soccer or poetry might be for someone else. It’s a journey of self discovery, passion and growth. There is need for constant support in order for everyone to be successful in our different journeys.

Given that man/ woman isn’t an island, we are called to live and interact with others on a daily basis. We need people to join forces with us in order to take us farther. We can’t succeed by working alone. People who believe in our dreams encourage us to pursue and aim higher. Unity is therefore important and necessary for growth.

Who do you often unite with? If you don’t have any team members, I am willing and ready to join forces with you if need be. Networking at events also helps unite people and paths.

We all need people to unite with us. One can chase 1000 but, two or more can chase several thousands.

Therefore, go forth and unite with others as you pursue your goals.
Have a tangible tuesday.
Be blessed!

To my future husband

The one God is molding for me;
My heart sometimes wonders about our future.

At least I am sure of one thing;
You must believe in Jesus Christ.

A mighty man of valor;
Ready to obey and spread the Gospel of Christ.

Be a caregiver;
Be a lover;
Be a visionary;
Be full of energy.

The one who will carry me when am tired;
The one who will cook when I can’t;
The one who will kiss me as soon as I walk through the door.


Don’t worry, as I keep dreaming about you;
Jesus is working on me and preparing me for you.

The bone of your bone and flesh of your flesh I am;
You are my Boaz and I am your Ruth.

The one you will love forever;
The one you will lead as per Christ’s command.

The one who will listen to you;
The one who will pray for and with you;
The one Who will cheer for you;
The one who will honor you.

A better person I will be because of you;
A virtuous woman I am, constantly being molded into the image of Christ;
A love ordained in heaven and I promise I will be there for you.


Till next week!!