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Happy Women’s day

Today is a celebration of Women’s day, so I choose to celebrate you; women today and forever.

I applaud you for your strength;
I applaud you for your growth;
I applaud you for your childbirth;
I applaud you for your faith.

I encourage you to broaden your sight;
I encourage you to stand for your right;
I encourage you to not abandon the fight;
I encourage you to continue in this light.

Go forth and fulfill your mission;
Go forth and broaden your comprehension;
Go forth and enhance your sense of compassion;
Go forth and run with the vision.

Let’s stand together;
Let’s become tender;
Let’s lean on each other;
Let’s trust & become sisters.

May we, all women learn and decide to live fulfilled lives and not be scared to take action. We (you) need to take that leap of faith today.

Be blessed!

Women's strength & empowerment



Emotion(s) AtoZChallenge

While thinking about the word ‘emotion(s)’, I look at my life and say “what an interesting life you have live”.

Those who know me can tell you the number of times I have showcased my emotions, in particular tears.

Some people who get to know me think am emotionless, and I often ask myself the following questions:
– Is it because these people don’t see me cry? Or
– Is it because they don’t really know the person I am?
As time passes, we all evolve as individuals, grow and mature into being human beings.

As a 20 something year old lady, I could count the number of times I have cried in public. By public, I mean in the midst of one or more people.
My tears rarely come out in public but rather in private, that is in the comfort of my home.
I will often cry in public only when something really hurts me and goes right into my bones.

A friend of mine recently told me that she has never seen me filled with emotions and wonders how i behave when i am in love. Hahahahah, I told her to closely watch me and really get to know me.

Just like some individuals, I would like to experience tears of joy, sadness at anytime and get to explore my emotions in the moment. However, I have come to understand that people are different and as a result experience life differently.

Often than not, showing emotions in public makes us feel vulnerable and weak and as a result often identified as weird. As a result, i practiced and developed resilience over the years to protect myself.

In the end we should aim to protect ourselves😀 and be open minded.

Till next time,