Happy 34th Anniversary

You have raised us in the way of the Lord and we are grateful;
You have loved us unconditionally;
You have spent your lives paying for our education;
You have given us hope for a better future.

Because of you we are better people;
Because of you we have experienced life;
Because of your love, we have learned how to love;
Because of your discipline we have grown.

Thank you for being you;
Thank you for your care;
Thank you for the sad moments;
Thank you for joyful moments.

Mummy, you are the example we all your girls want to emulate;
Daddy, you are the example all your boys want to emulate;
Mummy, we want your grandchildren to always learn from their grandmother;
Daddy, we want your grandchildren to know about your legacy.

We, your children love you dearly;
We, your children care about you;
We owe you our journeys;
We aim to make you proud.

Happy 34th Anniversary Mummy and Daddy.
May God continue to bless your marriage.
Happy Sunday!
Till next week,

That Vision

I had a vision;
The vision was broken;
The vision has been altered;
The vision is shaking.

I had a vision;
My life’s purpose;
I see it changing;
How do I grasp it?

I had a vision;
My childhood dreams;
The dreams of becoming who I was created to be;
I will work to achieve.

I had a vision;
The discussions with my parents;
The successes and failures;
I will strive to achieve.

I had a vision;
The hope of a family;
The hope of a nation;
To make history.

That vision I will achieve!

Happy Sunday,

Till next week!!

I love you

We fight;
We argue;
We keep quiet;
We become intentional;
We make peace;
We make it work.

We fight;
We practice silence;
We groan;
We grow;
We decide to talk;
We make it work.

We fight;
We distance ourselves;
We slip;
We remember;
We dream;
We make it work.

We fight;
We disappear;
We cry;
We yearn;
We celebrate;
We make it work.

I will make it work for you
I love you!!!

Have a great week!

In the spirit of INCLUSION

As I write this post, I feel devalued.
As I write this post I feel vulnerable.
As I write this post I feel rejected.

The feeling you have when people think you are stupid.
The feeling you have when people discredit you.
The feeling you have when life gives you a blow.

I might be neglected by some but surely not by all.
I might be worthless for some, but certainly not for my friends.
I might be dumb for some, but definitely not for my family.

Who are we to judge others?
Who are we to stigmatize others?
Who are we to prejudice others?

You don’t know their story.
You don’t know their struggle.
You don’t know their beliefs.

It’s important to understand the differences existing in society.
It’s important to understand the uniqueness of each individual.
It’s important to understand the values we each possess.

Life will be better if we accepted our differences.
Life will be better if we respected the diversity.
Life will be better if we included everyone.


Have a blessed week!

Happy Father’s Day

Let me begin by wishing a happy Father’s Day to all the men. A father isn’t only the biological one, but very often all male figurehead in our lives.

It’s good to be called a father, but the level of implication and involvement in people’s lives determines ones ability to be called ‘Dad’. So fathers the questions to ask yourselves today are:

How involved am I in my children’s lives?
Am I emotionally present for them?
Am I financially present?
Am I physically present?
Am I spiritually present?

As fathers, you are called to lead the family. Lead your children, families and wives in the right direction.

I can’t conclude without expressing my thoughts to future fathers.

To all the young men and aspiring fathers let me ask you a few questions:
How are you living your lives?
Are you living life just as it comes? Or
Are you living live with the hopes of influencing future generations?

I would like you to ask yourselves these questions:
If I had a child today, would my child be proud of the life I live?
How would my choice of lifestyle influence my child?

As you reflect on these questions, may this day cause you to think differently about your future.

Therefore, go forth and shine your light brighter than before. Your future needs to be better than your past and present.



Have a blessed week!

No to PHD

On May 20th 2016, all Cameroonians across the globe celebrated Cameroon’s National Unity, and I can’t help but reflect on the word UNITY.

I am appealing all Cameroonians to be united. Unity shouldn’t just be spoken but acted upon. It’s time for us to get pass the spoken words and take action.

I always question human nature when people are aware of what others are doing, but never fully show support. For instance, if my brother or friend starts a business, launches a product or service, I ought to be the first to support them. It should be our duty and responsibility as friends and family to support each other.

Human beings in general, and Cameroonians in particular need to abandon the PHD spirit we often possess. By PHD I am referring to ‘Pulling Him/Her down’. I consider it to be a very negative practice which ought to be abolished ASAP. Rather than being jealous, critical and envious, we ought to rejoice and celebrate with those who are creative and entrepreneurial.

I am a firm believer that there is space for everyone at the top but at distinct intervals. Most people want to quickly climb the ladder of success, but remember that you don’t have to pull others down to succeed.

I therefore urge every individual to actively support and help build others.

Life will be so much better if we appreciate each other. Once we appreciate, love, peace, joy and harmony will Blossom.
Have a blessed week.

The lifestyle of Giving

When you are reminded about giving two days in a role, then you know that giving has to become a lifestyle.
I attended a fundraiser on Saturday and a church service on Sunday in the course of which ‘giving’ was the focal point.

It’s important for us to give to others. What we have freely received, we should also be prone to freely give.

How often do we think about our lives?
Do we deserve what we have freely received?
If not for Gods grace upon our lives where would we be?

It’s therefore important for us to recognize that we don’t have to take our blessings and opportunities for granted. Gratefulness is important.

By being grateful we appreciate life and the blessings that come along.

We are blessed to be a blessing to others. Yesterday as I emceed a fundraising gala, I was moved by the generosity in the room. People willingly gave to support a good cause. Giving without regrets, but for the common goal of improving lives.

I urge you to give freely without any constraint. The Bible tells us in Acts 20:35 that “There is more blessing to give than to receive” so be blessed as you give to others.

As of today, I make ‘giving’ my lifestyle.

Have a blessed week!