Oh Life!

I woke up and decided to be better.
But the tears kept making me bitter.

Several days passed and my heart began to yonder.
Friends and family members began to wonder.

I was experiencing distress.
I had become purposeless.

Afterwards I decided to change my perspective.
This change led me to become positive.

I grew to become my original.
I developed and became jovial.

The full package led me to find love.
Then I began to experience truelove.

A love that nutures the passion.
A love that fosters the vision.

Indeed LOVE is beautiful!



Have a blessed week 🙂



I woke up in the morning;
Breath fresh air;
Said a prayer;
Took my shower;
Dressed up and left.

I went about my day;
Got to work;
Took my break;
Received a call;
A dear one was gone.

Continued with work;
Made a few calls;
Alerted others;
My life had changed;
She was precious.

She was my name sake;
I remember talking to her 3 weeks earlier;
Little did we both know;
She is now in a better place;
Watching over us all.

I go through the day;
Then night comes;
I sleep and dream about life together;
What the future would have been like;
I wake up and know it was all a dream.

I wake up and I thank God;
It’s a brand new day;
I am alive;
I can breath;
I am grateful.

I am grateful for her life;
I know she will want us to keep living;
I will keep our name shining for us;
She will forever be in my heart;
I miss you.

See you soon!!

Hard work + Discipline

A lot has been going on in my life, and as a result I have been absent.
Nonetheless, let me recount my conversation with a professor/ mentor I look up to.

That moment when you meet a professor you haven’t seen in a while and you both start chatting. He questions you:
Prof: Longtime, what have you been up to?
Me: I just finished school.
Prof: again? Haven’t you been at it for a while now?
Me: Yes, I was part-time and recently finished.
Prof: So what’s next?
Me: Thinking, perhaps continue school and look for a better job.
Prof: nice, courage and best wishes.
Me: How about you? Supervising lots of thesis this year?
Prof: Yes, I have been at it for a while, and teaching only one seminar course.
Me: It’s obvious you are the expert, so it’s no doubt.
Prof: “I didn’t get to where I am by chance but by hard work, I mean hard work”.
Then he looks at me and repeats the words “hard work and discipline”.(As a result, I couldn’t help but think about my life).
Me: Thank you for the reminder and encouragement.
Prof: Enjoy your day!
Me: Thanks and same to you.

On my way home, I couldn’t help but reflect over His words about hard work and discipline.
It was also a good reminder not to let people define me by telling me what I can or can’t do.

One day I will be like you😀, wait : I will continuously be the best ME ever.

Happy 34th Anniversary

You have raised us in the way of the Lord and we are grateful;
You have loved us unconditionally;
You have spent your lives paying for our education;
You have given us hope for a better future.

Because of you we are better people;
Because of you we have experienced life;
Because of your love, we have learned how to love;
Because of your discipline we have grown.

Thank you for being you;
Thank you for your care;
Thank you for the sad moments;
Thank you for joyful moments.

Mummy, you are the example we all your girls want to emulate;
Daddy, you are the example all your boys want to emulate;
Mummy, we want your grandchildren to always learn from their grandmother;
Daddy, we want your grandchildren to know about your legacy.

We, your children love you dearly;
We, your children care about you;
We owe you our journeys;
We aim to make you proud.

Happy 34th Anniversary Mummy and Daddy.
May God continue to bless your marriage.
Happy Sunday!
Till next week,

That Vision

I had a vision;
The vision was broken;
The vision has been altered;
The vision is shaking.

I had a vision;
My life’s purpose;
I see it changing;
How do I grasp it?

I had a vision;
My childhood dreams;
The dreams of becoming who I was created to be;
I will work to achieve.

I had a vision;
The discussions with my parents;
The successes and failures;
I will strive to achieve.

I had a vision;
The hope of a family;
The hope of a nation;
To make history.

That vision I will achieve!

Happy Sunday,

Till next week!!

I love you

We fight;
We argue;
We keep quiet;
We become intentional;
We make peace;
We make it work.

We fight;
We practice silence;
We groan;
We grow;
We decide to talk;
We make it work.

We fight;
We distance ourselves;
We slip;
We remember;
We dream;
We make it work.

We fight;
We disappear;
We cry;
We yearn;
We celebrate;
We make it work.

I will make it work for you
I love you!!!

Have a great week!

In the spirit of INCLUSION

As I write this post, I feel devalued.
As I write this post I feel vulnerable.
As I write this post I feel rejected.

The feeling you have when people think you are stupid.
The feeling you have when people discredit you.
The feeling you have when life gives you a blow.

I might be neglected by some but surely not by all.
I might be worthless for some, but certainly not for my friends.
I might be dumb for some, but definitely not for my family.

Who are we to judge others?
Who are we to stigmatize others?
Who are we to prejudice others?

You don’t know their story.
You don’t know their struggle.
You don’t know their beliefs.

It’s important to understand the differences existing in society.
It’s important to understand the uniqueness of each individual.
It’s important to understand the values we each possess.

Life will be better if we accepted our differences.
Life will be better if we respected the diversity.
Life will be better if we included everyone.


Have a blessed week!