Happy Women’s day

Happy Women’s day to all the dynamic & strong ladies!

The 20 something life

Today is a celebration of Women’s day, so I choose to celebrate you; women today and forever.

I applaud you for your strength;
I applaud you for your growth;
I applaud you for your childbirth;
I applaud you for your faith.

I encourage you to broaden your sight;
I encourage you to stand for your right;
I encourage you to not abandon the fight;
I encourage you to continue in this light.

Go forth and fulfill your mission;
Go forth and broaden your comprehension;
Go forth and enhance your sense of compassion;
Go forth and run with the vision.

Let’s stand together;
Let’s become tender;
Let’s lean on each other;
Let’s trust & become sisters.

May we, all women learn and decide to live fulfilled lives and not be scared to take action. We (you) need to take that leap of faith today.

Be blessed!

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The wait!

It’s long;
It’s strong;

It’s often tiring;
It’s often enduring;

The wait makes us anxious;
The wait becomes thunderous;

I am currently waiting and it’s tough;
The road very much appears rough;

But I choose to remain hopeful;
Thereby becoming prayerful!


Feeling discouraged?

People often say that it’s tough to comfort a friend/ family in need. We can never fully feel their pain. It’s indeed what I experienced today. I didn’t know what to do, didn’t know what to say? Didn’t have the exact words. She was in pain. Her eyes were filled with tears. She almost cried.

This morning, immediately as I said good morning to a colleague, she began to tell me a story and poured out her heart about how she felt. One of her family members is in a critical health situation. I tried to question her, but uttering the words became difficult for her. The day didn’t go well. It wasn’t a great day for her. She is usually very jovial and outgoing, but today she spent it at her desk and in her ‘zone’.

I tried to comfort her, make her laugh but it still didn’t cut it. The sadness continued throughout the day.

As I observed her throughout the day, I began to realize that this life we have is very precious. Some people say that we always have a choice, but I will gladly refute that fact. For instance, she wanted to be joyful and smile but couldn’t because of the circumstance around her. She realized the importance of family. She realized the importance of proximity. She just wanted to cry and hug her family. She just wants things to be better. I told her to pray and be hopeful. When we are positive things happen.

As stated in Proverbs 18:21, Life and death are in the power of the tongue, and very often we get what we speak and pray for. I therefore urge you friends and family to always remain positive no matter the situation and always pray for change.

As I write this post, I am also praying for her uncle, who will definitely feel better and get restored.

Be blessed!



I woke up in the morning;
Breath fresh air;
Said a prayer;
Took my shower;
Dressed up and left.

I went about my day;
Got to work;
Took my break;
Received a call;
A dear one was gone.

Continued with work;
Made a few calls;
Alerted others;
My life had changed;
She was precious.

She was my name sake;
I remember talking to her 3 weeks earlier;
Little did we both know;
She is now in a better place;
Watching over us all.

I go through the day;
Then night comes;
I sleep and dream about life together;
What the future would have been like;
I wake up and know it was all a dream.

I wake up and I thank God;
It’s a brand new day;
I am alive;
I can breath;
I am grateful.

I am grateful for her life;
I know she will want us to keep living;
I will keep our name shining for us;
She will forever be in my heart;
I miss you.

See you soon!!

In the spirit of INCLUSION

As I write this post, I feel devalued.
As I write this post I feel vulnerable.
As I write this post I feel rejected.

The feeling you have when people think you are stupid.
The feeling you have when people discredit you.
The feeling you have when life gives you a blow.

I might be neglected by some but surely not by all.
I might be worthless for some, but certainly not for my friends.
I might be dumb for some, but definitely not for my family.

Who are we to judge others?
Who are we to stigmatize others?
Who are we to prejudice others?

You don’t know their story.
You don’t know their struggle.
You don’t know their beliefs.

It’s important to understand the differences existing in society.
It’s important to understand the uniqueness of each individual.
It’s important to understand the values we each possess.

Life will be better if we accepted our differences.
Life will be better if we respected the diversity.
Life will be better if we included everyone.


Have a blessed week!

Words #AtoZChallenge

What words do you write and pronounce on a daily basis? Are the words positive or negative?

Do you often ponder over the words that come out of your mouth?

It’s important for us to realise that the words that come of our mouths either build people or break them.
By building and breaking others, they equally affect Us. Sometimes we say negative things to people, but the words come back to bite us.

Also, Do you look down on yourself with negative words, or you encourage yourself with words of affirmation.

For instance, Obama started a campaign with ‘Yes we can’, and the campaign has brought him far. He encouraged himself.

I think it’s time for us to believe in ourselves and encourage ourselves. Although situations may look hopeless sometimes, there is still light at the end of the tunnel. Words of affirmation are required for growth, success and networking.

Rewinding our lips and tongues into positivity will help improve our confidence and self esteem.

For how long do you process your thoughts prior to speaking or writing out words.

The Bible tells us in Proverb 18:21, “Life and death are in the power of the tongue and they that love it will eat it’s fruit”.

The words we say are either life or death. They make or break us. Therefore choose your words wisely.


Till next time!

Oppression #AtoZChallenge

How do you deal with oppression?

Very often we get oppressed by others without any valid reason, but rather due to envy, jealousy, hatred or any other factor influencing negative behavior.

Oppression occurs in different forms such as neglect, rejection, abuse etc…

Over the years, I have learned that oppression comes to destroy us, and it usually occurs when every thing seems to be working well for the person being oppressed. For instance, I was once oppressed in a work environment. I thought all was going well with my colleagues and managers, until I began experiencing oppression. A situation that was supposed to generate positive results; ended up being negative. The oppression was caused by some specific individuals.

I later on evaluated the situation and concluded that not everyone likes/loves us in today’s world. Therefore, we have to be ready to face oppression when it occurs.

All the time, people oppress us with the intention of breaking us, but often fail to understand that no situation is permanent. Oppression doesn’t last forever.

I trust in God and believe that everything works together for my good. What other people and the devil intend as harm, will end up making me stronger, wiser and better.

Given that the devil only comes to Kill, steal and destroy, I rely daily on Jesus Christ who always causes me to triumph over every situation.

One of favorite Gospel artist: Marvin Sapp’s song entitled ‘Never would have made it‘ always encourages me to know that no matter what God is with us.

Go forth and be stronger, wiser and better than before.

Till next time,