What conditions your time?

They say heals every wound;
They say mends every broken heart;
They say reveals true character(s);
They say tells you who your friends are;
They say makes you weep;
They say makes you happy!

They say:
With time you can move mountains;
With time you can get better;
With time you can love again;
With time you can be hopeful again;
With time you can change;
With time you can be wise!

How do you use your time?
How do you share your time?
How do you let others use your time?
How do you value your time?
How do you prioritize who you give your time to?
How do you ensure that your time is maximized to your advantage?

Time brings about change and change is the only constant we have. Therefore let’s go forth and be smart users of our time.


Happy Women’s day

Today is a celebration of Women’s day, so I choose to celebrate you; women today and forever.

I applaud you for your strength;
I applaud you for your growth;
I applaud you for your childbirth;
I applaud you for your faith.

I encourage you to broaden your sight;
I encourage you to stand for your right;
I encourage you to not abandon the fight;
I encourage you to continue in this light.

Go forth and fulfill your mission;
Go forth and broaden your comprehension;
Go forth and enhance your sense of compassion;
Go forth and run with the vision.

Let’s stand together;
Let’s become tender;
Let’s lean on each other;
Let’s trust & become sisters.

May we, all women learn and decide to live fulfilled lives and not be scared to take action. We (you) need to take that leap of faith today.

Be blessed!

Women's strength & empowerment


Happy 34th Anniversary

You have raised us in the way of the Lord and we are grateful;
You have loved us unconditionally;
You have spent your lives paying for our education;
You have given us hope for a better future.

Because of you we are better people;
Because of you we have experienced life;
Because of your love, we have learned how to love;
Because of your discipline we have grown.

Thank you for being you;
Thank you for your care;
Thank you for the sad moments;
Thank you for joyful moments.

Mummy, you are the example we all your girls want to emulate;
Daddy, you are the example all your boys want to emulate;
Mummy, we want your grandchildren to always learn from their grandmother;
Daddy, we want your grandchildren to know about your legacy.

We, your children love you dearly;
We, your children care about you;
We owe you our journeys;
We aim to make you proud.

Happy 34th Anniversary Mummy and Daddy.
May God continue to bless your marriage.
Happy Sunday!
Till next week,

That Vision

I had a vision;
The vision was broken;
The vision has been altered;
The vision is shaking.

I had a vision;
My life’s purpose;
I see it changing;
How do I grasp it?

I had a vision;
My childhood dreams;
The dreams of becoming who I was created to be;
I will work to achieve.

I had a vision;
The discussions with my parents;
The successes and failures;
I will strive to achieve.

I had a vision;
The hope of a family;
The hope of a nation;
To make history.

That vision I will achieve!

Happy Sunday,

Till next week!!

Risk #AtoZChallenge

Risk represents exposure, vulnerability, doubt, the unknown and sometimes hope. Risk could either be positive or negative. Are we willing to lose something in order to gain more? Or are we willing to invest all we have to gain or lose?

By definition itself, risk is a challenge on its own. It’s a challenge because we abandon every other priority or dream to pursue one or more options. Its often dangerous.

Pursuing our dreams are crucial to our daily growth and overall worth and purpose on planet earth. So, how often do you risk?

Have you ever thought of risking your comfort to get into the unknown?
The unknown, represents the desire to attempt and achieve something new.

As an example, I was once faced with a dilemma in the course of talking about financial investments during a meeting with a financial advisor. He asked me how much risk I was willing to take? Am I a risky investor or a conservative investor? . By the end of discussion, I realized that I am a conservative investor. This led me to the conclusion that I have been conservative for most of my life. I have neglected some opportunities only because I wasn’t ready to leave my comfort zone. Hence, a low growth rate.

Let me ask you this question: How comfortable are you? Are you ready to risk something to achieve more?

From this encounter with the financial advisor, I noticed that in order for me to grow and achieve more, I must be willing to risk what I hold on to. By risking, it could be a simple decision to take a new course, attempt a new recipe, expand your network, write a book, start a business, talk to that lady/ guy you have been eyeing all along or perhaps take a trip to somewhere unknown.

I have my own fair share of risk to take. Yes, this year, I decided to things new and differently. One of the risk I took this year encapsulates this AtoZ blogging challenge. It has been a blessing so far.

What are you waiting for? Go forth and risk something that will make room for more.

Be blessed.

Till next time,

Persistence #AtoZChallenge

How often do we persist?

Two options are always available when things don’t align with our expectations. Do we choose to quit or try again?

Well if you know you are motivated, have the resources then its best to try again. A number of successful people were told no and /or failed the first time before succeeding. One of my favourite authors called J. K. Rowling got declined quite a number of times by publishers. It wasn’t until one publisher believed in her. Today she is among the New York times Bestsellers.

Here I am on day 16 of the challenge, still standing and continuously writing. Yes, I decided to join the blogging world because I wanted to perfect my craft and also share my story. My story might be similar to others in certain ways, but we all have a different life story. We were all created for specific purposes on this earth. The book I am pregnant with, will eventually see the light someday, hahaha.

Do you know that no one else will be able to accomplish your mission on this earth.
If you don’t do it, it will be left undone. I know some will say, we are all easily replaceable. Yes I know, but all the lives you are called to touch and impact can’t be done by someone else. Your reason for being born must come to pass.

Therefore, let’s be persistent and live our lives. Live life with the goal of pressing forward. Forward ever and backward never.
Till next time!

Motivation #AtoZChallenge

Often times I look at my life and ask myself: Why do I do some of the things I do.

However, why do I ask myself this question?

Perhaps because I overthink about life or am I just overwhelmed by life circumstances ?

But when I look at my life, I can only tell myself ‘well done’. Well done mainly because it isn’t easy to remain focused on our daily, monthly and yearly projects.

For instance, when I initially came across this AtoZ Blogging challenge, I was immediately captivated and set a reminder on my phone with the plan to accomplish it. This is the first time around and will certainly not be the last time. It’s a challenge and I aim to push myself all the way through.

So far I am enjoying the challenge because it’s pushing me to go above and beyond. I am inspired to write and am constantly perfecting my craft.

Have you ever thought about what motivates you? What keeps you going?

Are you motivated by the end result or the entire process or a project?

On my end, I mostly enjoy the process because I learn as I walk my way through the project at hand.

Motivation is important for success.

Without motivation we would easily loose focus and as a result fail in so many areas.


Till next time,