My name is Tatiana “Aka Tati Prosperity”, “Aka MC T” and I was born and raised in Cameroon. I moved to Canada on “Christmas Day” 25/12/2007, you can just imagine the snow and cold I felt once I landed in Montreal and exited the airport LOL. I was sent to Ottawa, Canada by my parents to pursue my studies, which I did and obtained a B.A in Communications with a Minor in Business Administration. Even before completing my B.A, I obtained a full-time job. How lucky was I? Or should I say blessed? I have indeed been blessed; however, I constantly struggle with discovering myself, living my dreams, pursuing my life goals, using and showcasing my passion… hence still not sure if I am fulfilling my destiny on this planet earth.

Join me as I uncover my realities as a 20 something year old lady living in Canada; which some people call ‘the land that flows with milk and honey’ haha. Is it really the promise land we all dreamt about? Let’s embark on this journey together and learn how we can better manage our time, grow spiritually, mature as individuals, make our dreams a reality, have those perfect relationships, and of course experience that beautiful wedding we all dreamt of as little girls:) .


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