Archive | September 2017

The wait!

It’s long;
It’s strong;

It’s often tiring;
It’s often enduring;

The wait makes us anxious;
The wait becomes thunderous;

I am currently waiting and it’s tough;
The road very much appears rough;

But I choose to remain hopeful;
Thereby becoming prayerful!



What conditions your time?

They say heals every wound;
They say mends every broken heart;
They say reveals true character(s);
They say tells you who your friends are;
They say makes you weep;
They say makes you happy!

They say:
With time you can move mountains;
With time you can get better;
With time you can love again;
With time you can be hopeful again;
With time you can change;
With time you can be wise!

How do you use your time?
How do you share your time?
How do you let others use your time?
How do you value your time?
How do you prioritize who you give your time to?
How do you ensure that your time is maximized to your advantage?

Time brings about change and change is the only constant we have. Therefore let’s go forth and be smart users of our time.