No to PHD

On May 20th 2016, all Cameroonians across the globe celebrated Cameroon’s National Unity, and I can’t help but reflect on the word UNITY.

I am appealing all Cameroonians to be united. Unity shouldn’t just be spoken but acted upon. It’s time for us to get pass the spoken words and take action.

I always question human nature when people are aware of what others are doing, but never fully show support. For instance, if my brother or friend starts a business, launches a product or service, I ought to be the first to support them. It should be our duty and responsibility as friends and family to support each other.

Human beings in general, and Cameroonians in particular need to abandon the PHD spirit we often possess. By PHD I am referring to ‘Pulling Him/Her down’. I consider it to be a very negative practice which ought to be abolished ASAP. Rather than being jealous, critical and envious, we ought to rejoice and celebrate with those who are creative and entrepreneurial.

I am a firm believer that there is space for everyone at the top but at distinct intervals. Most people want to quickly climb the ladder of success, but remember that you don’t have to pull others down to succeed.

I therefore urge every individual to actively support and help build others.

Life will be so much better if we appreciate each other. Once we appreciate, love, peace, joy and harmony will Blossom.
Have a blessed week.


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