Reflection #AtoZChallenge

It has now been a week since I completed the A to Z blogging challenge. It was indeed a tough and inspiring challenge. I use the word tough because I had to write a new post for 26 days in a role.

My motivation and zeal came from other participants. It was encouraging and challenging to see people contributing and sharing their blogs, knowledge and expertise all
over the world. I learned that knowledge is power and with the right knowledge, we could change the world.

Yes, we should all look forward to changing the world through our experience, community service and public service. For instance, we no longer ought to seek knowledge for our self interest, but rather for the public good. How can we use the knowledge and experience we have to make the world a better place?

The better place will eventually exist. I still believe in Utopia. There is hope because the desire for change lives in each one of us.

Therefore go forth and play your part.

A better place is what we all seek. I therefore call on each one to be part of the change.

Till next time!


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