Yielding #AtoZChallenge

Yielding is tending to give in or surrender or agree. By default it’s hard to agree with people who are inferior to us or who have ideas inferior to ours.

As an example, most people think I have a hard time yielding to others in the midst of a conversation or conflict.
Today, I got told by a friend that I would likely have a hard time yielding and submitting to my future husband because of my authoritative and independent nature. Yes, I have been independent for quite a number of years mainly because life thought me to be so due to my solitary move to Canada, but you know what: I still respect authority.

It’s currently a learning process for me as I yield to others during a conversation or conflict. I am learning to be submissive to authority and trust other peoples’ judgement. It hasn’t been an easy process but I learn as I grow.

I have also learned that yielding isn’t a sign of weakness but rather a sign of respect, obedience and non confrontation. It’s often better to avoid an argument through yielding and establishing peace.

Conflict brings about resentment and discontent, whereas yielding brings about peace, calmness and submission.

I know it’s easier said than done, especially when we feel overwhelmed and right in a specific situation.

I encourage you to often practice yielding to others in the midst of conflict.


Till next time


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