Risk #AtoZChallenge

Risk represents exposure, vulnerability, doubt, the unknown and sometimes hope. Risk could either be positive or negative. Are we willing to lose something in order to gain more? Or are we willing to invest all we have to gain or lose?

By definition itself, risk is a challenge on its own. It’s a challenge because we abandon every other priority or dream to pursue one or more options. Its often dangerous.

Pursuing our dreams are crucial to our daily growth and overall worth and purpose on planet earth. So, how often do you risk?

Have you ever thought of risking your comfort to get into the unknown?
The unknown, represents the desire to attempt and achieve something new.

As an example, I was once faced with a dilemma in the course of talking about financial investments during a meeting with a financial advisor. He asked me how much risk I was willing to take? Am I a risky investor or a conservative investor? . By the end of discussion, I realized that I am a conservative investor. This led me to the conclusion that I have been conservative for most of my life. I have neglected some opportunities only because I wasn’t ready to leave my comfort zone. Hence, a low growth rate.

Let me ask you this question: How comfortable are you? Are you ready to risk something to achieve more?

From this encounter with the financial advisor, I noticed that in order for me to grow and achieve more, I must be willing to risk what I hold on to. By risking, it could be a simple decision to take a new course, attempt a new recipe, expand your network, write a book, start a business, talk to that lady/ guy you have been eyeing all along or perhaps take a trip to somewhere unknown.

I have my own fair share of risk to take. Yes, this year, I decided to things new and differently. One of the risk I took this year encapsulates this AtoZ blogging challenge. It has been a blessing so far.

What are you waiting for? Go forth and risk something that will make room for more.

Be blessed.

Till next time,


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