Persistence #AtoZChallenge

How often do we persist?

Two options are always available when things don’t align with our expectations. Do we choose to quit or try again?

Well if you know you are motivated, have the resources then its best to try again. A number of successful people were told no and /or failed the first time before succeeding. One of my favourite authors called J. K. Rowling got declined quite a number of times by publishers. It wasn’t until one publisher believed in her. Today she is among the New York times Bestsellers.

Here I am on day 16 of the challenge, still standing and continuously writing. Yes, I decided to join the blogging world because I wanted to perfect my craft and also share my story. My story might be similar to others in certain ways, but we all have a different life story. We were all created for specific purposes on this earth. The book I am pregnant with, will eventually see the light someday, hahaha.

Do you know that no one else will be able to accomplish your mission on this earth.
If you don’t do it, it will be left undone. I know some will say, we are all easily replaceable. Yes I know, but all the lives you are called to touch and impact can’t be done by someone else. Your reason for being born must come to pass.

Therefore, let’s be persistent and live our lives. Live life with the goal of pressing forward. Forward ever and backward never.
Till next time!


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