Lateness #AtoZChallenge

I always ponder about the behavior of those who are constantly late.

Are they born to be naturally late or just making a point to be late?

Over the years I have realized that some people are late only on specific occasions. They are never late when they have job interviews or have to meet with people who are superior to them. By superior, I am referring to people who have power or authority over them.

Why do we behave the opposite way when we have to meet with others?
Do we undermine those who aren’t superior to us?

Lateness, clearly explains the level of commitment, trust and respect we have towards our network and community of friends and family.

We ought to do unto others what we would like them to do unto us. We should demonstrate love, respect and be loyalty to all people in our lives. Respect comes with us avoiding lateness in all we do.

By not undermining the role played by certain people in our lives, we are able to establish and construct Loyal relationships and connections within our networks.

These networks often become our support system to whom we showcase respect and love.

So, how loyal are you to your network and community?


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