Key(s) AtoZChallenge

Keys are known to unlock and lock every door, closet, bag etc .. Hence the need to identify the right keys.

Take some time to think about the following:
– who holds the key(s) to your life?
– who have you given the keys to?
– what are the qualities of the people to whom you have given access to your life?

Some people often say ‘show me your friends and I will tell you who you are’. The saying is very true because, we are influenced by those we surround ourselves with. Therefore, an individual is easily identified by his surrounding and daily encounters.

The people who have access to your life will either make you or break you.

We have to exercise caution in choosing the people we give access to in our lives. By access I mean those who talk to us on a regular basis. These people have the keys to our lives and hearts. Their words are powerful and affect us in all we do.

After having friends who come and go, I am no longer afraid to loose people who don’t add value to my life. Some people are just around us to waste our time.

For instance in my life, I don’t need people who will waste my time, but rather those who build me up. The people who are ready to support and stand by me no matter the circumstances.

It’s time for us to get rid of all the negativity in our lives. We need people who will say to us ‘Yes you can’, and in turn be of great assistance to those people as well.

Our support system should deposit good seeds into us. They have the keys to make or break us.

Be blessed as you examine the people you have in your life.


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