Joy #AtoZChallenge

I often ask myself what joy is? As I pondered over it, I realised that joy is linked to Happiness.

Being Joyful is a state of mind, which could be contagious.

Let’s look at it, how often do we share our joy with others?

Happiness is sharing. Its better lived when shared. The Bible tells us in Romans 12:15 that “When others are happy, we should be happy with them, and when others are sad, we should be sad with them”.

Over the years, I noticed that the way we react when other people tell us about their lives determines the conditions of our hearts towards them. Our perception of them will either change or remain stagnant.

When we hear good things about others’ lives; do we usually rejoice or remain indifferent? Do we pretend to be happy or are we genuinely happy for them?

I always tell all people I meet that there is no need for us to be pretentious. Being joyful is a choice . It’s also a decision to rejoice with others in good times.

It’s our role as wise individuals to combat hypocrisy by being people who truly rejoice and celebrate with others.

There is no need to compare ourselves to others, because our paths and life stories are different and unique.

I therefore urge you all to genuinely be happy and rejoice with everyone around us in order to share the LOVE of CHRIST.

Be blessed!


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