Impact #AtoZChallenge

Does our daily behavior influence others?

Do we live to impact others or are we just living?

Over the years I have come to believe and learn that our everyday actions need to be motivated by a desire to positively impact the world.
We don’t necessarily need to search for the large impact but focus on the Action itself.
The impact generated from the little things we do matters the most. For instance, a smile to someone on a morning bus ride will go a long way to brighten up their day.

The Bible tells us in Zachariah 4:10 that “we shouldn’t despise the days of small beginnings, for the latter end shall be greater”. By doing that, we are working and walking in hope and gratefulness.

Yes, it’s important to be grateful for where we are and how far we have come. For it’s not the beginning that matters the most but the end of the race. Let’s aim to run this race called ‘life’ with a motive to generate impact everywhere and in all we do.

I love the word ‘impact’. Therefore, in order for us to impact others and be equally impacted, we constantly need to be cautious of what is happening around us.

We are all born for a purpose, and we ought to walk daily with a desire and motive to generate impact in our generation.

Go forth and do exploits with your life. Be blessed as you impact the world.


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