Dream(s) #AtoZChallenge

Do you (still) believe in your dreams?
Or have you given up on them?

When I hear the word ‘dream’, I am always inclined to think about my childhood dreams and all I ever wanted to be when I grow up.

What are those dreams we all had? Do we remember them?
Are We living those childhood dreams?
What changed over the years?

Have have life circumstances affected our dreams?

Our dreams are powerful. Just as the Bible tells us in Luke 6:45 “…Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks….”
Hence the hunger and thirst for more.

When we speak , are the words life or death? May our lips always speak life In prov 18:21 the Bible says “life and death are in the power of the tongue and they that live it shall eat it’s fruit…”

Therefore, what we speak matters.

We should be like little children who believe everything and have faith that things will Work out for good.
Let’s believe that life is beautiful. It’s worth living and we are called to thrive.

I want to dream again and believe in my dreams. Yes they will be accomplished.
Let’s not go into survival mode but rather live, dream and thrive for more.

God is here and ready to resurrect our dreams. I therefore urge you to trust God with all of your dreams.

God is for us , so let’s be visionaries.
It doesn’t matter what others have said about us.
Let’s get back our child like faith.

Go forth snd dream again, be blessed!


Till next time!


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