Candles #AtoZChallenge

candlesEach time I see candles burn, I am reminded of how fragile our lives are.

Candles remind me of my boarding school days. How we used to burn midnight candles to finish studying to get an ‘A’ in our exams.

Candles remind me of the world in which we live. The light that shines in the midst of the storm.
Candles remind me of the people who matter in our lives.

The people who shine no matter what.
They shine until they can shine no more.
The friends who support us until the very last hour.
The family members who are with us during tough times.

Yes, I believe we all have some candles in our lives. Can you think about the candles in your life? How grateful are you for their lives?

What do we do when the candles stop burning?
We have several options:
– Burn more candles
– Ask for more candles
– Or just stop what we are doing and go to sleep.

Have you mastered your candles?
How well do you know them?
And do you exactly know when they will all melt?

If we were knowledgeable about our candles’ life span won’t we be super glad?

God alone knows when our candles shall stop burning, so why worry about the duration of our candles Whether or not they will still be burning tomorrow?

Given that we don’t know how much longer our candles will last, let’s make it a priority to enjoy the precious moments spent with our candles.

Let’s forgive them, laugh with them, love them, rejoice and mourn with them.

To all my candles: I love and cherish you❤️.



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