Banana I heart you #AtoZChallenge

If you encounter me, you will soon notice that I love Banana. I live for a banana every single day(lol) I am exaggerating, but you do get the point. Until last year, I Will feel a void in my system if I didn’t have my daily dose of banana.

I once visited a neighbor and at a point in time I decided to leave. My friend asked me why I was leaving… I told her that I was craving banana and had to go get one. She laughed and immediately told me to go get the banana from her kitchen.

Hahaha it also got to the point where my roommate will make sure there is always banana at home, just to make me happy.

As a little girl, my parents always ensured that there was banana at home and I will always eat most of it. To the point where I was nicknamed the ‘monkey girl’. Monkeys love banana.

I eat ripe banana as a fruit, make smoothie and also bake goodies such as beignet and Banana bread.
I cook un-ripe banana into one of my favorite meal known as banane malaxé. I entice you to taste it or you are welcome to visit me.

Yes, just like plantain , I am in love with banana.

Till next time,


4 thoughts on “Banana I heart you #AtoZChallenge

  1. This made me smile! I always disliked bananas as a kid and then throughout my teenage years, but in the last year or so I’ve discovered that I can’t get enough of them! Complete switch-around, but at least it’s a healthy one! 😄

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