April Fool #AtoZChallenge

This is a new month, the month of April and I am participating in the A-to-Zchallenge this year. Yes this is a motivational challenge for bloggers. You are welcomed to join me in this beautiful adventure of creative writing and story telling as we go through the entire alphabet this month. In order to cover the 26 letters of the alphabet, I will be blogging everyday of this month with the exception of sundays.

When you start behaving differently, some people begin to wonder why and ask you all sorts of questions.
Let me begin by asking you this:

What is April fool and why do people follow such a tradition?

What pleasure do we derive in tricking or fooling people on this day?

Do we know that we sin each time we do that?

It’s not to say that I am holy or that I have never participated in April fool. Yes I have, but I have gained consciousness that it’s not right. Playing April fool Isn’t right.

I did play a trick once and the outcome wasn’t quite plesant.

We aren’t called to sin any longer, because time is drawing near. The clock is ticking.

Do we know that Just by thinking of playing April fool we have already sinned in our thoughts, and what about the action? The Bible tells us in James 4: 16-17
‘But as it is, you boast [vainly] in your pretension and arrogance. All such boasting is evil. 17 So any person who knows what is right to do but does not do it, to him it is sin’.

Let’s turn away from this behavior. Rather than being deceitful, we should spread love and hug each other.

We will see how much positive change this action will bring forth. The fruits will be beautiful.

How many righteous shall Jesus find upon his return?
Who shall be lifted up with HIM to the heavenly places?

Let’s repent and depart from our sinful ways. Now is time to act and no more play games.
Jesus is ready to receive all of us, so lets fellowship in one accord.

A-Z Blogging challenge

Till next time!!


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