Oh life

How fragile you are?
How you could easily change?

The difference minutes could make.
The importance of every second.

What can we do to better our lives?
What can we do to improve our circumstances?

What can the government do to better people’s lives ?
What policies need to be changed?

How are the poor vs rich treated?
Money shouldn’t come before life? Emergency health care should be prioritized.

How can we claim to be a hospital but lack necessary tools to save lives?
How can we claim to be directors but not adequately manage our resources and organizations?

Like today’s case at laquintinie Hospital in Douala, Cameroon, we would say that we are all so fragile. Who could have ever imagined that they will all be gone in such a terrible manner? We don’t have to take life for granted, since we could just disappear within seconds.

We all, should be ready to assume responsibility for our actions, and let’s not forget that we shall all
give an account of our actions someday.

To the Cameroonian Government; I plead you to take action to save future lives. All hospitals should be equipped with emergency staff and equipments at all hours.

Let’s all be part of the change and sign this petition .

A follow up evaluation needs to be conducted periodically to ensure effectiveness. We will continue to pray for Cameroon and keep hoping for a change.

May this beautiful mother and her two babies rest in peace. We will surely meet you heaven.

Till next time!


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