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The precious “Three days”

That moment when you are reflecting about your life and you come to realise that if not for the Lord you won’t be here today. Yes, I am grateful because if not for Jesus I don’t know where I would be.

Sometime life cricumstances has a ways of treating us that we fall back and decide not to trust God anymore.
When the road gets tough, what do we do? who do we turn to? who do we look up to?

I got to a point in my life sometime back where i just didn’t know what to do any longer. Do I turn left or turn right? where to go, i asked myself?

But then received a word that encouraged me to believe and look up to God. Today, I could truly tell you that my life is in Gods hands. I have surrendered because i have learned along the way that I can’t do this on my own and I don’t have to worry about the future.

By worrying or overplanning, how many days does it add to our lives?

Well, this three days (Easter) have allowed me to really sink deeper into the knowledge of Christ, espcially knowing and believing that He died for me. Jesus died so I could have life and have in abundance.

Yes, I am indeed very grateful and I will live for HIM and HIM alone.

When I think about those three precious days, all I can say is Thank you.
The three days that made a way
The three days that cleanse me
The three days that purify me

Had they known? They won’t have crucified Him. On the third day he rose again. Lets rejoice because the grave is empty.

Thank you for healing
Thank you for prosperity
Thank you for mercy
Thank you for grace
Thank you for love
Thank you for peace
Thank you for provision

He overcame so we are overcomers, hence the joy of knowing Christ Jesus as our personal Lord and savior.


Till next time, que


How rich are you ?

As part of the Blog like a Pro 7-day Challenge launched by Jeff Goins, I got inspired to write this post following a discussion with friends about riches.

Everyone thinks money is good, but I think the rich have more problems than the poor (instead of poor, I prefer using the term less rich).

To begin with, how do we define riches? Is it based on the material possessions, money in the bank account or an individual’s self worth?

We are all rich in one way or the other.

Once people get rich, they always aspire to be richer. Money keeps attracting money, hence the love of money. For the rich, the more they have, the more they will spend. Hence, an increase in their needs and wants. Why be rich without appropriate management skills? They will spend on useless and unnecessary things such as private jet. Who needs a private jet when there are millions of children and orphans who are dying of hunger and malnutrition?

The less rich on the other hand, tend to be contended with what they have. By being content; I mean that they are able to live a balanced life with what they have. These individuals aspire for more in order to satisfy their needs and not wants.

It’s good to note that, money isn’t equivalent to joy, happiness personal satisfaction and self worth. All these are just feelings and life experiences. We have to consciously make up our minds to not let money/the depth of our wallets determine our self-worth.

We came to this world without money and we shall depart with no money either.

Rich people’s problems revolve around increased security, increased income maximisation and improved lifestyle. It’s good to improve one’s lifestyle, but that shouldn’t be the ultimate reason why we wake up every morning.

Statistics have proven that rich people die quicker than the less rich. For instance, how many celebrities have died recently?

Some rich people think that because they are rich they have to be loved by everyone and are deserving of certain positions, titles and societal recognition. That’s a fallacy I think.

I always ask myself this question: Why be rich and unfulfilled?
Some of us are constantly chasing money, but live unfulfilled lives.

Our riches shouldn’t be in material possessions but in Christ Jesus. How well we are connected to HIM and how much we share the love of Christ. What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul? Mark 8:36. Can your giving be compared to your riches?

From dust we came and unto dust we shall return, so where do your riches lie?


Till next time!

My manifesto

I decided to escape my comfort zone and participate in a 7 days challenge launched by one of my mentors- Jeff Goins entitled the “Blog like a Pro: 7-day Challenge“.

As an individual who is passionate about living life to the fullest, I am constantly searching for the next opportunity that will help transform and improve my life. Having lived in Canada for over 8 years and discovered the importance of networking and branding oneself, I hope to live life by fulfilling my purpose on this beautiful planet called Earth. Currently being in my mid-twenties enables me to explore different horizons. As a little girl I dreamt of being a translator, but as I grew older life circumstances have halted my dreams of becoming a translator. Nonetheless, I keep forging and currently interpreting and entertaining at numerous events, mainly because I discovered my love and passion for speaking and languages. This enables me to satisfy my curiosity and desire to share my knowledge and understanding through languages.

Some people often state that I am too busy doing numerous things at the same time. The truth is; I don’t like being idle, so I constantly seek new ventures and strategies to live a fulfilled life. The trial and error phase makes me appreciate life even more, because I believe that we are all born to fulfill our God given purpose.

By, being passionate about life, Christianity, public speaking, and languages, blogging is one of the ways through which I share my story and knowledge. I blog to help shed light on the different ways we could see and benefit from life. Life isn’t always beautiful, but when those rough moments come, how do we respond to them?
Do we let situations constantly affect our lives? or do we take control of our emotions? We should all be able to take control of our emotions, hence the reason why having life principles and faith is vital. As a 20 something year old, I hope to be a voice for people in this world who aren’t able to share their stories. Blogging equally helps me to be open and connect with others, As a result, it improves my relationships. So let’s all go live life to the fullest and be fulfilled.

Until tomorrow for challenge 2!

Oh life

How fragile you are?
How you could easily change?

The difference minutes could make.
The importance of every second.

What can we do to better our lives?
What can we do to improve our circumstances?

What can the government do to better people’s lives ?
What policies need to be changed?

How are the poor vs rich treated?
Money shouldn’t come before life? Emergency health care should be prioritized.

How can we claim to be a hospital but lack necessary tools to save lives?
How can we claim to be directors but not adequately manage our resources and organizations?

Like today’s case at laquintinie Hospital in Douala, Cameroon, we would say that we are all so fragile. Who could have ever imagined that they will all be gone in such a terrible manner? We don’t have to take life for granted, since we could just disappear within seconds.

We all, should be ready to assume responsibility for our actions, and let’s not forget that we shall all
give an account of our actions someday.

To the Cameroonian Government; I plead you to take action to save future lives. All hospitals should be equipped with emergency staff and equipments at all hours.

Let’s all be part of the change and sign this petition .

A follow up evaluation needs to be conducted periodically to ensure effectiveness. We will continue to pray for Cameroon and keep hoping for a change.

May this beautiful mother and her two babies rest in peace. We will surely meet you heaven.

Till next time!

Women you are special

As we celebrate International women’s day today , I can’t help but applaud you for all you do.

Grand mothers; I thank you for your words of wisdom
Thank you for the life experiences you have shared with me
I pray I live as long as you guys
Thank you for raising up my parents and enabling me to be born.

My lovely Mother; I thank you for giving birth to me and raising me as your precious jewel
You love and discipline me as your only treasure
You teach me the importance of prayer and faith in God.

Aunties; you raised me and changed my diapers
You loved me and showered me with gifts
You showed me how to be a woman
You cared for me and taught me about life.

Sisters; you have been there since day one
We have argued and reported each other to our parents
As my older sisters I respect and look up to you
Yes there is an unbreakable bond between us and I pray we keep it tighter as we grow older.

Friends; thank you for being my sisters
Thank you for allowing me to sleepover at your homes
Thank you for laughing with me
Thank you for supporting me
Thank you arguing with me, I still love you all.

Co-workers; thank you for showing me diversity
You have taught me to fight for what I want
You have showed me who people really are
You have enabled me to grow and learn about the work environment.

I thank you all
I love and respect you all
Keep doing the good work you do.

We are powerful so let’s keep our heads up and keep running this beautiful race called ‘life’.

Happy Women’s day!!!

Till next time

The power of silence

It could either make or break you

Silence has taught me to be calm in the midst of the storm
Silence has enabled me to rethink about my norm

Silence has made me loose relationships
Silence has ended friendships

Silence could be deadly
Silence could be healthy

You have enhanced my vision
You have strategized my motion

You have given me wisdom
You have enhanced my freedom

You have enlarged my eye sight
You have given me more insight

Silence may you be experienced when the time is right.

So tell me, what has silence thought you?

Until next time!!