To my future husband

The one God is molding for me;
My heart sometimes wonders about our future.

At least I am sure of one thing;
You must believe in Jesus Christ.

A mighty man of valor;
Ready to obey and spread the Gospel of Christ.

Be a caregiver;
Be a lover;
Be a visionary;
Be full of energy.

The one who will carry me when am tired;
The one who will cook when I can’t;
The one who will kiss me as soon as I walk through the door.


Don’t worry, as I keep dreaming about you;
Jesus is working on me and preparing me for you.

The bone of your bone and flesh of your flesh I am;
You are my Boaz and I am your Ruth.

The one you will love forever;
The one you will lead as per Christ’s command.

The one who will listen to you;
The one who will pray for and with you;
The one Who will cheer for you;
The one who will honor you.

A better person I will be because of you;
A virtuous woman I am, constantly being molded into the image of Christ;
A love ordained in heaven and I promise I will be there for you.


Till next week!!


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