The change is NOW

On Feb 11th Cameroonians across the globe will be celebrating Cameroon’s National youth day. As the day approaches I can’t help but ponder over my life.

As a youth, what am I doing to effect change?
I constantly think of possible strategies to bring about change in our society.

As a young Cameroonian who moved to Canada over 8 years ago, I still struggle daily with the notion of change, as well as my impact in today’s beautiful (but not so beautiful anymore due to war) world of ours. By looking at myself as a victor not a victim, I have decided to encourage myself and everyone else around me to make the most out of every situation. Although I currently reside in Canada, my heart constantly yearns to partake in Africa’s (Cameroon in particular) wave of change. We, the youths often console ourselves by saying “we are the hope / leaders of tomorrow”, forgetting that we are living in today’s world. How do we aim to be leaders of tomorrow without willing to be different today? That’s where the problem lies.

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As a friend of mine named Ricky recently posted on Facebook: that “Africa is the present and not the future”. I loved and memorized his phrase, mainly because we live in the present and we have to work towards being the change we would love to see (now). Change must start from within. Hence by living in the present we should be working hard to make a difference.

As a result, I am appealing and calling all youths and young adults to change their mindsets and lifestyles, with the goal of working towards the change we will love to see. The change we fight for today will be very much beneficial to us, our children and all future generations.

Till next week!


2 thoughts on “The change is NOW

  1. what do u mean by let the youths partake in change? You fail to understand that we are not being given the opportunity to effect change. You constantly talk as if we have the opportunities but we are running away from it. My question remains the same as per last nights conversation. What Cameroon are you talking about? The same one you visited?
    And of course you of all people who did A1 like me should know that there is nothing like youth day. Its a self imposed holiday which started under Ahidjo. History teaches us that on this day, Southern Cameroonians freely expressed their desire to join Cameroun on a two state federation equal in status. It was the plebiscite day.
    Due to some political manoeuvres from the regimes of Ahidjo and Paul Biya, the real meaning of this day has been distorted and shunned to keep away the real patriotic feelings of the then West Cameroon.

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  2. Yes you are right.. but we shouldn’t just sit back in idleness. Lets begin by changing our mentality, thoughts and actions then we will effect small changes which later become big changes. We could all start by treating the symptoms and later the disease after we have mastered the art of treating symptoms… I challenge you to make a difference in your family, church, community then country šŸ™‚


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