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Birthday week

Did you read my previous post?
Then you will know that my birthday was coming up. I turned 26 on February 22. Yes I am a year older and loving it already.

Although about two weeks ago I wasn’t sure of what to do to celebrate my birthday, I ended up going for dinner with my girlfriends on my birthday. OMG we had such a good time that they almost chased us out of the restaurant (You get what I mean) LOL. These ladies are indeed a great blessing to my life.
As a special birthday gift, the Lord blessed me with an opened door on my birthday. Yes am very grateful for my birthday gift from Heaven. You know when you have sought and prayed so much about something and you get to the point where you just decide to ‘Let go and let God have HIS way’, then the miracle happens. The wait isn’t always easy but with time I have learned to trust HIM.
I am positive that this new year will be greater than the past 25 years. To conclude my birthday week, a longtime friend of mine took me out for dinner on Friday and we had a great talk about life and the future. I am now ready for new challenges and blessings. Let’s go get it.

A friend of mine sent me this song entitled: Intentional by Travis Greene as a reminder that God has a perfect plan for our lives. It has blessed me so much, so enjoy and be blessed.

Ps: Thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes. May God richly bless you all.

Till next week!!


26 in a few

With my bday coming up in a couple of days, It’s only wise for me to share with you some things I learned along the way during the last 25 years of my life.
Let me start with the fact that last year didn’t end quite well. So I will say 25 wasn’t my best year thus far, but hey I decided to keep looking ahead. Well I got no other option right?
I am looking forward to the beautiful age of 26 and the many turns that my life will take.
Here are some of the things I had dreamed and hoped of accomplishing by 25:
– Obtain my Masters degree
– Get married
– have a beautiful career lined up
– have a smiling bank account
– have visited some countries I always longed to visit; such as France, UK, China and Japan.
– launch a business

But you know what? none of these things have happened and am still contended with life. I wished and worked hard for them to happen but had to learn along the way that my life is not my own. There is a Master planner. My plans are not HIS plans. So I learned to let go and let God have his way in my life. It wasn’t easy but God has indeed been faithful. He is restoring my life. When we rely on HIM he makes all things beautiful in his Time. We might be running after time everyday of our lives not knowing that we aren’t the authors of time.

Hence, I vow to live for God and let Him lead the way.

I will just keep saying YES to God. As you lead me Lord I will follow.

Yours truly,
Till next week!!

To my future husband

The one God is molding for me;
My heart sometimes wonders about our future.

At least I am sure of one thing;
You must believe in Jesus Christ.

A mighty man of valor;
Ready to obey and spread the Gospel of Christ.

Be a caregiver;
Be a lover;
Be a visionary;
Be full of energy.

The one who will carry me when am tired;
The one who will cook when I can’t;
The one who will kiss me as soon as I walk through the door.


Don’t worry, as I keep dreaming about you;
Jesus is working on me and preparing me for you.

The bone of your bone and flesh of your flesh I am;
You are my Boaz and I am your Ruth.

The one you will love forever;
The one you will lead as per Christ’s command.

The one who will listen to you;
The one who will pray for and with you;
The one Who will cheer for you;
The one who will honor you.

A better person I will be because of you;
A virtuous woman I am, constantly being molded into the image of Christ;
A love ordained in heaven and I promise I will be there for you.


Till next week!!

The change is NOW

On Feb 11th Cameroonians across the globe will be celebrating Cameroon’s National youth day. As the day approaches I can’t help but ponder over my life.

As a youth, what am I doing to effect change?
I constantly think of possible strategies to bring about change in our society.

As a young Cameroonian who moved to Canada over 8 years ago, I still struggle daily with the notion of change, as well as my impact in today’s beautiful (but not so beautiful anymore due to war) world of ours. By looking at myself as a victor not a victim, I have decided to encourage myself and everyone else around me to make the most out of every situation. Although I currently reside in Canada, my heart constantly yearns to partake in Africa’s (Cameroon in particular) wave of change. We, the youths often console ourselves by saying “we are the hope / leaders of tomorrow”, forgetting that we are living in today’s world. How do we aim to be leaders of tomorrow without willing to be different today? That’s where the problem lies.

google image

google image

As a friend of mine named Ricky recently posted on Facebook: that “Africa is the present and not the future”. I loved and memorized his phrase, mainly because we live in the present and we have to work towards being the change we would love to see (now). Change must start from within. Hence by living in the present we should be working hard to make a difference.

As a result, I am appealing and calling all youths and young adults to change their mindsets and lifestyles, with the goal of working towards the change we will love to see. The change we fight for today will be very much beneficial to us, our children and all future generations.

Till next week!