Bamaha not Bahamas

What a great feeling it was to be back to the village after 8 years.

How many of us know about a village in Cameroon called Bamaha? We often limit our knowledge to only popular villages of each region such as Sangmelima, bangangte, nkongsamba, kribi, limbe, etc. These villages are very popular due to their population density and numerous activities. Limbe for instance is known for its beautiful and attractive beach as well as the newly inaugurated Olympic stadium; which will probably be used during the CAN 2019, as well as Kribi for its attractive beach and Sea port. Whenever am questioned about my village, I often tell people that my village is Bangangte- a very popular village in the Western region of Cameroon. Since Bamaha and Bangante fall within the NDE department, I feel relieved everytime I give the answer without necessarily having to explain where exactly my village is located.

That being said, Bamaha is located in the Western region of Cameroon. Although not found on Google map, Bamaha is very much valued by its elite population. The low habitation rate even hinders the use of mobile devices in the region. Despite numerous request from the elites, the telecommunication companies aren’t willing to install communication poles due to the low population density. Just as my dad always says, all people of Maha need to return home to build their village. Lets all make the territory worth living again. As someone said we need to be the change we want to see. Moreover, I hereby appeal to Google to please add Bamaha to the Cameroonian map in order to avoid being suggested Bahamas whenever we type Bamaha.

I am glad to call Bamaha my village!

Leaving Bamaha after I visit

Leaving Bamaha after my visit

During my visit, I was equally opportuned to visit the chiefdom- where the newly installed chief resides with his two wives. Oh my goodness being a chief’s wife isn’t easy. You must be willing to accept that your husband marries other women or you quit (hahhaah). I ask myself why all the customs and tradition?

Where these women ever aware of their husbands’ eventual succession to the throne? This leads me to the conclusion that nothing is permanent in this life. Our circumstances might change just within seconds, so enjoy life as much as you can by doing what is right.

Till next week!


5 thoughts on “Bamaha not Bahamas

  1. What would you have done if the chief had wanted to make you his third wife; would you have accepted and taken this opportunity to bring awareness and change to Bamaha? Wouldn’t it been a perfect opportunity?


  2. Personally i would have ran away at such request. I believe in monogamy.1 man for 1 woman. Perhaps I could use alternate measures to create the awareness needed for people to return to their village.


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