‘On Air’ Encounter

An encounter with a stranger that I will call X on one of my flights. To begin with, I never thought i could connect with a stranger on such a short notice. We connected so much that I began to question this encounter (hahaha).
While checking our luggage prior to boarding he was ahead of me and as we entered the plane I sat on my assigned seat. A couple of minutes elapsed and my neighbor had relocated then the seat beside me became empty. Although I was on the phone Mr X walked up to me inquiring about the seat’s occupant, I said that she had relocated and immediately said yes to the gentleman who became my neighbor. As soon as he sat down we were both consumed by the use of technology through the exchange of last minute text messages and phone calls while we waited for take-off. In an attempt to break the ice as soon as the plane took off, I immediately inquired about his origin. Unhesitatingly he responded and returned the question. I in turn answered and as a result the conversation went on and on for the entire 6 hours flight time until we landed at our destination. Our discussion ranged from politics to relationships, education, Christianity and spirituality, identity and destiny.

From this encounter I learned the following:
– How funny life is.
– How people just come into our lives and just bond with us instantly.
– I discovered how open I am as an individual who constantly yearns for knowledge, discovery and wisdom.
– I learned so much within that short period of time to the point where it felt like we had known each other for long.

A wise person once said to me: we ought to be nice to everyone because we never know who we meet.

We might just meet an Angel or Jesus like that (Lol).

As an encouragement, I challenge you to talk to at least one random person this week and let me know the outcome:)



Till Next week!!!!


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