The ‘almighty’ Garri

When you have a roommate who tells you way beforehand that she is going to cook a particular meal; you can’t help but start preparing your tummy:). She kept me waiting for this meal throughout the weekend until I pleaded with her to cook. She finally decided to cook the meal on this faithful evening. We both knew that I had class that evening but for some reason my class happened to have changed schedule to the following day. As a result, I rushed home as soon as I completed my daily errands on that faithful evening; all in anticipation of her wonderful meal. The delicious meal was Okra soup with fish accompanied by the ‘almighty’ Garri . The food was so delicious (Oh my goodness) that we ate while watching a movie. I call it the almighty Garri because I passed out 30 mins later. Food has never knocked me down as much as this Garri, to the point where I abandoned everything else I had to do and took a nap. I don’t know how I walked from the living room’s couch to my bedroom, but I slept and woke up in the middle of the night. As a result I could no longer sleep and stayed awake until sunrise. Following this episode I aim not to ever eat garri again after 6pm, unless I have no activties planned for my evening (Lol).
Okra soup
Despite the meal’s effect, I can’t leave without thanking my wonderful roommate for the delicious meal.
This is definitely one of the perks of life: having a roommate who loves cooking:) God bless you Girlfriend.
Now for all the Okra soup & Garri lovers, you are free to ask for your own share.

Till next week!


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