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Bamaha not Bahamas

What a great feeling it was to be back to the village after 8 years.

How many of us know about a village in Cameroon called Bamaha? We often limit our knowledge to only popular villages of each region such as Sangmelima, bangangte, nkongsamba, kribi, limbe, etc. These villages are very popular due to their population density and numerous activities. Limbe for instance is known for its beautiful and attractive beach as well as the newly inaugurated Olympic stadium; which will probably be used during the CAN 2019, as well as Kribi for its attractive beach and Sea port. Whenever am questioned about my village, I often tell people that my village is Bangangte- a very popular village in the Western region of Cameroon. Since Bamaha and Bangante fall within the NDE department, I feel relieved everytime I give the answer without necessarily having to explain where exactly my village is located.

That being said, Bamaha is located in the Western region of Cameroon. Although not found on Google map, Bamaha is very much valued by its elite population. The low habitation rate even hinders the use of mobile devices in the region. Despite numerous request from the elites, the telecommunication companies aren’t willing to install communication poles due to the low population density. Just as my dad always says, all people of Maha need to return home to build their village. Lets all make the territory worth living again. As someone said we need to be the change we want to see. Moreover, I hereby appeal to Google to please add Bamaha to the Cameroonian map in order to avoid being suggested Bahamas whenever we type Bamaha.

I am glad to call Bamaha my village!

Leaving Bamaha after I visit

Leaving Bamaha after my visit

During my visit, I was equally opportuned to visit the chiefdom- where the newly installed chief resides with his two wives. Oh my goodness being a chief’s wife isn’t easy. You must be willing to accept that your husband marries other women or you quit (hahhaah). I ask myself why all the customs and tradition?

Where these women ever aware of their husbands’ eventual succession to the throne? This leads me to the conclusion that nothing is permanent in this life. Our circumstances might change just within seconds, so enjoy life as much as you can by doing what is right.

Till next week!


‘On Air’ Encounter

An encounter with a stranger that I will call X on one of my flights. To begin with, I never thought i could connect with a stranger on such a short notice. We connected so much that I began to question this encounter (hahaha).
While checking our luggage prior to boarding he was ahead of me and as we entered the plane I sat on my assigned seat. A couple of minutes elapsed and my neighbor had relocated then the seat beside me became empty. Although I was on the phone Mr X walked up to me inquiring about the seat’s occupant, I said that she had relocated and immediately said yes to the gentleman who became my neighbor. As soon as he sat down we were both consumed by the use of technology through the exchange of last minute text messages and phone calls while we waited for take-off. In an attempt to break the ice as soon as the plane took off, I immediately inquired about his origin. Unhesitatingly he responded and returned the question. I in turn answered and as a result the conversation went on and on for the entire 6 hours flight time until we landed at our destination. Our discussion ranged from politics to relationships, education, Christianity and spirituality, identity and destiny.

From this encounter I learned the following:
– How funny life is.
– How people just come into our lives and just bond with us instantly.
– I discovered how open I am as an individual who constantly yearns for knowledge, discovery and wisdom.
– I learned so much within that short period of time to the point where it felt like we had known each other for long.

A wise person once said to me: we ought to be nice to everyone because we never know who we meet.

We might just meet an Angel or Jesus like that (Lol).

As an encouragement, I challenge you to talk to at least one random person this week and let me know the outcome:)



Till Next week!!!!

The ‘almighty’ Garri

When you have a roommate who tells you way beforehand that she is going to cook a particular meal; you can’t help but start preparing your tummy:). She kept me waiting for this meal throughout the weekend until I pleaded with her to cook. She finally decided to cook the meal on this faithful evening. We both knew that I had class that evening but for some reason my class happened to have changed schedule to the following day. As a result, I rushed home as soon as I completed my daily errands on that faithful evening; all in anticipation of her wonderful meal. The delicious meal was Okra soup with fish accompanied by the ‘almighty’ Garri . The food was so delicious (Oh my goodness) that we ate while watching a movie. I call it the almighty Garri because I passed out 30 mins later. Food has never knocked me down as much as this Garri, to the point where I abandoned everything else I had to do and took a nap. I don’t know how I walked from the living room’s couch to my bedroom, but I slept and woke up in the middle of the night. As a result I could no longer sleep and stayed awake until sunrise. Following this episode I aim not to ever eat garri again after 6pm, unless I have no activties planned for my evening (Lol).
Okra soup
Despite the meal’s effect, I can’t leave without thanking my wonderful roommate for the delicious meal.
This is definitely one of the perks of life: having a roommate who loves cooking:) God bless you Girlfriend.
Now for all the Okra soup & Garri lovers, you are free to ask for your own share.

Till next week!


They say when one door closes another one opens. Indeed I believe
that when something happens to me (us) it doesn’t happen in vain. Our lives are indeed preordained by the Master planner.

This master planner I call God Almighty- the one with whom I have a relationship and trust in as my personal Lord and Savior. This being said, 2015 has come and gone. God kept me(us) and as a result we are still standing and ready to live and fulfill all our desired plans for 2016.

I attended a crossover service and I received a Word from Isaiah 41:10
” So do not fear, for I am with you;
do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand”.

As we entered 2016, I decided to hold on to this Word for I know my God is not a man to lie. He keeps his word and we also have to keep our word and obey his Word.

I pray that 2016 be a year of greater accomplishment for each and everyone of us. May God move us to higher grounds. We will Indeed live favored and gracious lives.

PS: I apologize for my absence. I have been traveling a lot recently and I will soon tell you all about it 😁.

Till next week,