One ‘Human Race’

The November 13th attacks in Paris have shown to the world that no one is invisible. That every human being’s life could just be terminated at the blink of an eye.

Innocent citizens have been dying in several other countries (Nigeria, Syria, Cameroon, sudan, Congo etc) all on account of violence and hatred.


Why is there so much hatred?

Why is there so much misery?

Why can’t everyone be successful?

Why do people bring others down when desiring to succeed?


Love is better than hatred;

Peace is better than war;

Joy is better than anguish;

Unity is better than individualism;

Differences enhance our strength.


We are mourning for France;

We are mourning for Syria;

We are mourning for Cameroon;

We are mourning for all other countries….;

Let’s stand together and fight for a peaceful world.


All religions can live together;

All colours can be brighter;

All races can love each other;

All social classes can be better.


We are one Human race so let’s make life worth living again.

one race

Till next week!



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