Surprises : The “Magic” card

On a faithful day as I was browsing through the cafeteria during my break and talking to a friend, a guy suddenly walked in front of me towards the cashier. While finalizing his transaction; the cashier told him to perform one of his acts in my presence. Let me mention that due to his frequent visits at the cafeteria they somewhat knew each other.

The guy performed his magic act, and for the very first time I watched, participated and experienced a live ‘magic’ show.  This was done right by the cafeteria’s cash. He invited me to select a card, which I did and signed with my name. As I carefully observed him, he placed the card in between several other cards.

After inserting the card among others, he told me to snap my fingers and you know what – the card with my name was right there in front of me. Staring at me… In order to make sure the guy was ‘real’ I asked him to redo it a couple of times. He did it again and again. I later asked him the following questions:

– Where did you learn it?

– How long have you been performing?

He looked at me and responded: ‘I learned it by myself, read several books since childhood’ and as a result, he has been performing ever since.

I was astonished by the efficacy and tact he used to perform. Not only did he surprise me with his zeal and passion, he equally inspired me with his self-learning ability. As a result, it pushed my curiosity to not only be willing to know more about my passion, but also to always be ready to perform on this beautiful stage called ‘life’ .

Oh let’s not forget that I was equally captured by the beauty of his being (LOL) and before leaving, he gave me the card with my name as a souvenir.


Till next week.


6 thoughts on “Surprises : The “Magic” card

  1. Beautiful story. Great write aunty. Well done and continue the good work.
    God bless u more and gives u more of His guidance in whatever u do, so u will always reach the top.
    I enjoy reading ur experiences.


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