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Passion & Discovery

All individuals are created with unique gifts, talents and skills set, which lead to the discovery of passion, lifestyle, mission and vision. Some of the questions to ask ourselves as a result of our unique gifts and talents include the following:

1) How do I discover my unique gifts, talents and skill sets?  Try different ideas that pick your curiosity. I call this step – “trial and error”. After several trials and error, you will be able to know what and where you are skilled. For instance, if you are curious about photography or videography then you keep trying until you master it.

2) Are my talents, gifts and abilities making me a better individual?  If you aren’t happy and excited while using your talents, gifts and abilities then they are not what you should be focusing your time, mind and energy on.  Therefore, learn to focus your mind and time on what you feel confident and excited about. For instance, I get excited when I hear about an event. Not only because I love attending events, but more when I am requested as host/MC. I enjoy event hosting and feel gifted and trained to do I what I do best. The reason why I always say that event hosting is “my element”.

3) How do I continuously improve and develop my natural abilities?  Endless possibilities exist for improving and developing our talents and abilities. First thing is to find a mentor (someone who has similar gifts and talents and has been utilizing them for years), and also register for some training, courses etc.

4) How can I use my talents to impact society and other people’s lives?  I would say that we have gifts, talents and abilities to bless people and help others grow. So everyone needs to find ways to bless others around them. For instance I use my talents to help organize and entertain peoples at events; which bring joy, laughter and memories of a lifetime.

5) What is the vision for my gifts, talents and abilities? This is a question I asked myself after hosting events for over 2 years and not obtaining the desired results. I realised at that moment that something needed to be done differently in order to move to my next level. One strategy is to find the right people to work with; the people who will uplift you rather than downgrade you. Also, work hard and find strategies to brand yourself and distinguish yourself from your competitors.

I hope that my little thought pushes you to your next level …

Discover, innovate and run with the vision!!!!


Till next week..


Surprises : The “Magic” card

On a faithful day as I was browsing through the cafeteria during my break and talking to a friend, a guy suddenly walked in front of me towards the cashier. While finalizing his transaction; the cashier told him to perform one of his acts in my presence. Let me mention that due to his frequent visits at the cafeteria they somewhat knew each other.

The guy performed his magic act, and for the very first time I watched, participated and experienced a live ‘magic’ show.  This was done right by the cafeteria’s cash. He invited me to select a card, which I did and signed with my name. As I carefully observed him, he placed the card in between several other cards.

After inserting the card among others, he told me to snap my fingers and you know what – the card with my name was right there in front of me. Staring at me… In order to make sure the guy was ‘real’ I asked him to redo it a couple of times. He did it again and again. I later asked him the following questions:

– Where did you learn it?

– How long have you been performing?

He looked at me and responded: ‘I learned it by myself, read several books since childhood’ and as a result, he has been performing ever since.

I was astonished by the efficacy and tact he used to perform. Not only did he surprise me with his zeal and passion, he equally inspired me with his self-learning ability. As a result, it pushed my curiosity to not only be willing to know more about my passion, but also to always be ready to perform on this beautiful stage called ‘life’ .

Oh let’s not forget that I was equally captured by the beauty of his being (LOL) and before leaving, he gave me the card with my name as a souvenir.


Till next week.

Relationships: The “Cookie”

This world has been shaped in a way that we learn to live by certain standards and life principles in an attempt to conform to societal norms and ways of living. Did I just say conform? But what principles do we follow? (Eyes roll).

Just like most 20 something year old ladies, I desire and aspire to have that perfect relationship (hahhaha if you know what am talking about). On a random evening, I got a text from one of my girlfriends telling me that one of her male friends told her of a friend (Mr X) who was interested in meeting a young lady with some of the following characteristics: interesting, smart, Cameroonian and ‘bamileke’ (that’s my tribe – feel free to google for more info). The list of qualities can go and on. Since my girlfriend knew I was single and obviously searching (wink), she decided to share my contact with her male friend who eventually passed it on to Mr. X, with whom I ended up going on 2 dates. Fast forward to 1.5 months later, Mr. X began telling me he wanted the ‘cookie’ and how I should move in with him (woo-hoo). Not too fast dude; with him clearly stating that he can’t be in a relationship without having his ‘cookie’. Hence the conclusion, why would he buy a book when he can borrow it?

I was surprised by his request, mainly because; it was only over a month that we began talking/seeing each other. I had hinted at my life principles as a Christian lady in one of our conversations, but wasn’t explicit. Oh let’s not forget that Mr. X equally claimed to be a Christian, but didn’t take the Bible 100% (only practiced what was convenient for him). After this scenario, I learned that we have to be explicit from the get go about what our life principles, desires and standards are. Why should I go against my standards and belief just to be in a relationship and please someone else ‘selfish’ needs? Let’s not forget that two friends (who know me too well) once questioned me about my interest in Mr. X and whether I told him about my principles and standards. My response to them was a ‘Big YES’, but had I really spoken to him about it? The response is ‘NO’. I just played along to capture his attention; with the hopes of it turning into a beautiful relationship.

I am not judging Mr. X, but this encounter ended up being a life lesson for me and I quickly turned down his request and never looked back in that direction. I thank my friends for that reminder.

Till next week..

Lets get started

I would like to welcome you to my world, as we discover the realities of a 20 something year old lady. I am excited as I (we) begin this journey. We will talk about all the good there is about being 20 something years young (hahahah), all the struggles, the dreams, the relationship scandals, the room-mate stories, the family pressure, financial stories, travelling, societal challenges, all the trials and errors etc…

I will attempt posting at least once a week- most likely on Fridays, for a good read on the weekend.

Stay connectedwelcome & thanks for the support 🙂